How beautiful it is that all of us who are looking to find a deeper belonging to people and things will soon have the opportunity to come together again to enjoy each other’s company and to learn from one another!

Most of us are so keenly aware of a huge shift that is taking place right now. In whatever ways you may feel the vibes and the tremble, the signs and the effects of it, the truth is that we do not yet really know what is at stake!

But what we do know is that if we move deeper into our feelings and understanding of our connection to the planet, to the people and to the environment around us, we are more grounded. And that gives us a sense of tremendous freedom and courage…and happiness.

Let’s talk about happiness for a moment. Regardless of our culture, background or upbringing, we all seek this elusive thing called “happiness.” And we have developed different ways of “getting” it. The truth is, if we depend on outside sources for happiness, we are constantly looking for more, and more and even more. But if we go inside our heart – we find the kind of happiness that does not at all waver and resides deep in our soul. Free! Available! Always!

This inner knowing is truly a treasure trove, a source from which we make decisions for our lives and for that of others. Decisions to do good. To live well. To be generous. To live life from a compassionate heart. To be at service.

My personal dream is that we use our leadership, business and personal skills to support one vision: to uplift humanity. I believe that our subsequent thoughts and actions can align with this vision and turn the dream into a reality. Let’s go for it!

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, we will strive to open our hearts and minds even deeper. With that endeavor, we can allow miracles to materialize. Our new location at the stunning Pine Cliffs Resort in the Algarve Region of Portugal, truly supports this vision due to the abundant natural beauty and strength that exists there.

And there is one thing more – you will be immersing your mind and soul in the company of old and new friends across various industries and backgrounds, convening from all continents. This is a tremendous opportunity to create new bonds in friendship and business and to build a strong global community with the mission of creating a better world.

So happy to see you soon in Portugal,