Agenda Preview

HEALING SUMMIT 2019: Take a Quantum Leap

What is a quantum leap in science? How is it reflected in consciousness and in our behavior? What are quantum leaps in the history of mankind?

We definitely need quantum leaps in the way we interact with the world and contribute to it. We will hear inspirational and shining examples of people who live the new way: Giving, helping, serving and taking care of the wellbeing of others.

This understanding is at the core of the global brand Healing Hotels of the World. Our partner hotels are trailblazers of the new 360 degree holistic lifestyle. At the HEALING SUMMIT will continue to go deep into the understanding and latest developments of what healing means in the hospitality industry. We will see how these hotels are true havens for our transformative life journey.

360 degree – from self to business to economy: Why stop half way? With the wake of a new understanding of life comes the urge, to act as business leaders in a way that supports the values of trust, compassion, support and even protection. How can this happen? What is conscious capitalism? What are quantum economy and/or soulful economy?

How will the latest IT technology like blockchain contribute to global prosperity and security through integrity, trust, truth, transparency and impact? Those who pioneer this brand new field will share their findings.

How will a holistic understanding of life be reflected in the way we live? What is the society of the future and how will it be reflected in our communities, in our real estate? At the HEALING SUMMIT progressive thinkers and visionaries will introduce us to healing communities and healing cities, leaving long lasting legacies.

Legacies: the way we life today will create the future for our children and generations to come. We will hear from some very young children and teenagers how they envisage their own future and what they expect from us today!

At the HEALING SUMMIT we come together not only to hear, but to learn, to interact and to experience a healing lifestyle. What is the mind, body connectedness? How can we get inspired from courageous, inspiring people, learn about our own blocks and areas of expansion, experience the latest healing modalities and the freedom a new understanding of life gives. World-class healers and coaches will bring all topics back to our hearts.

And there will be daily early morning Hatha Yoga under the pines, workshops and activities, which will also include the beach, and the resort chef is already preparing to showcase all possibilities of a healing cuisine.

Please stay in tune with us, as the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 continues to develop and unfold. Join us on May 6 and 7 for the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 and take a quantum leap!