Living an awakened life, based on the understanding of the holistic healing of body, mind and soul, we ask ourselves: what does it take to integrate these precious principles and values into our lives in our society, our professions and our businesses?

Certainly it takes a lot of courage and stamina to stand up against the old paradigm of commerce, which has caused devastating destruction to humans, wildlife and the planet. Consider the underlying intent of the often used phrase, “it’s just business.” The callousness of these words grates at the heart and cries out for humanity to create a new approach to how we actually do business.

An approach that goes beyond the differences between people and instead finds the common thread that we all share, a discovery that life is not a battle to be fought but rather a harmony to be celebrated.

An approach that enables us to understand our purpose and who we truly are, so we are able to open our hearts and minds and conquer our fears and pains.

It is time to reclaim what we cherish most in life.

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, May 6 and 7 at Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal, we will listen, learn, encourage, support and celebrate this new approach to life and business.

To achieve this, the HEALING SUMMIT offers a broad variety of leaning and experiential sessions. Here is a sample of the sessions:

  • What is a Quantum Leap?: Exploring the scientific foundation of a quantum leap and it’s relevance to our lives and to our world
  • Creating a New Dream: The time calls for a human presence that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling
  • Quantum Investment/Economy/Business: Business leaders will share their involvement with businesses that provide opportunity and sustainability
  • A Healer Heals a Town: Rebuilding a city into a healing abode
  • The Importance of Self-Healing: A personal story that reveals the transformational journey of a hardened banker into a passionate advocate of holistic healing
  • The Power of the Mind: What does it take to climb Mount Everest and to build a series of Healing Hotels in Russia
  • Delivering Global Prosperity & Security Through Blockchain: The positive impact of a new technology
  • The New Consumer Leads the Healing Way: The emergence of the spiritually engaged buyer

These are just some of the sessions you will experience at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, along with ample opportunities to engage with speakers and delegates from all corners of the globe.

Join us for this completely unique and life-changing event. If you’ve been waiting to do it, we truly hope you will take the leap and sign up now.

There are still tickets available, but they are moving quickly. Be sure to register today.

With gratitude,

Anne and Elisabeth