Valerie Smaldone_Host of the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldValerie Smaldone is a 5-time Billboard Magazine Award winner and well known for her unprecedented success holding the #1 on-air position in the New York radio market. She has hosted, produced and created several nationally syndicated programs featuring in-depth interviews with top recording artists such as Elton John and Mariah Carey. She is an accomplished interviewer, always interested in procuring each individual’s unique story. Valerie has also been the “Voice” for numerous prestigious live events, e.g. The Clinton Global Initiative, The Emmy Awards, The Tony Preview Concert on CBS and many more. She is a sought after motivational speaker, and calling on her years of speaking experience, coaches individuals on their presentational skills. Additionally, she consults companies and experts on their brand strategy. Valerie is proud to be able to help others accomplish their personal goals.


Adam-Rockefeller-Growald_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldAdam Rockefeller Growald is an investor, philosopher and philanthropist whose dream for the world is that all might experience life as a precious and wonderful gift. He is committed to creating a joyful, spiritually connected world in which individuals are empowered, communities are connected, and ecosystems are balanced and thriving. As a 5th-generation descendant of business magnate and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Adam comes from a lineage—on both sides of his family—that valued both enterprise and giving back. After Adam received his BA in Philosophy from Princeton University, he focused on synthesizing insights from traditions of East and West, addressing a deep curiosity about the workings of the universe and our relationship to it. Having worked in the past as a management and brand strategy consultant at Bain and Lippincott, Adam now applies philosophical insight to his investing, board service, and advisory work. Currently, he serves on the boards of the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Growald Family Fund, and the National Center for Family Philanthropy. Adam is a member of the NEXUS Global Youth Summit and the Global Philanthropists Circle of Synergos, is a Director of Eleusis, and is an Advisor to and FullCycle.

Stephen Kennedy Smith_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldStephen Kennedy Smith, three-time recipient of the Danforth Award, is now the principal at Park Agency – Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, the Kennedy family office and the editor of JFK- a Vision for America. Stephen lectures at the Sloan school of Management in the visionary investing program and is a fellow at the Connection Science Group at MIT. He is currently involved as a board member, advisory board member or partner in a number of health care and technology businesses, including Locomobi transportation, The Marwood Group- a healthcare-focused strategic advisory firm; Pear Therapeutics, a digital health care company, Resolute Bio, and New Frontier Bio. His current investment and business focus is scaling innovative healthcare and neuroscience companies. Stephen is a board member of the John F. Kennedy Library, and The Joseph P Kennedy Foundation. He was Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Edward Kennedy during his Presidential and Senatorial campaigns and continues to be active in Democratic politics. Today, Stephen Smith is the cofounder and vice president of the World Leadership Alliance, an organization of business and political leaders that promotes democracy, international understanding and trade.

Catherine Parrish_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMITCatherine served as the CEO of International Humanitarian organizations for over two decades. The initiatives of her agencies worked to improve the quality of life for people living in poverty. Her firsthand experience as a leader in the humanitarian sector convinced her that the empowerment of individuals to be true to their higher purpose is the key to the transformation of the condition of life for all. Catherine founded NextLevel Leadership Inc. out of her commitment to assist individuals and organizations in ‘playing their best game’ for the sake of a world that works for everyone. She has provided training and consulting to the leaders and staffs of hundreds of companies, universities, not-for-profits, and foundations, throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Australia and India. She holds degrees in history, psychology, and education from the University of California at Berkeley.

Heidi Kuhn_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldThe California spirit is deeply rooted in Heidi Kuhn, as her pioneer family from the 1850’s taught her respect for the land and its people. The stewardship of the Earth is violated when landmines are planted, and the land is held hostage for future generations. Inspired by the peace movement on her campus at U.C. Berkeley during the 1970’s, she majored in Political Economics and set forth her footsteps for peace. Bridging borders from Alaska, Heidi was a CNN producer/reporter on the melting of the ‘ice curtain’ between US/Soviet Relations. In the midst of her career in journalism, while raising three children, Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. In 1997, she realized that ‘Cancer was a landmine, and landmines were a cancer to the Earth,’ and made a prophetic toast that the world may go from ‘MINES TO VINES’–replacing the scourge of landmines with bountiful vineyards and orchards worldwide. From the basement of her family home, she reached out to Napa Valley vintners to support her vision, which grew to the United Nations, World Bank, and international governments and leaders. For the past two decades, with support from her family, Heidi has truly planted the Roots of Peace on Earth.

Heidi Kuhn_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldBinod Chaudhary is the chairman of CG Corp Global, a multi-dimensional conglomerate with a complementary business portfolio that comprises over 80 businesses on five continents and in 30 countries — including the United States, Rwanda, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India and China. He has controlling shares in the largest bank in Nepal and numerous hotel investments, joint ventures and brands worldwide — like Taj Hotel and Resorts, Zinc Hotels and the ultimate wellness destination, The Farm at San Benito. In 1995, Chaudhary established the Chaudhary Foundation for philanthropic activities that focus on improving the lives and strengthening the communities of Nepal. Through the Foundation, he is dedicated to creating socially responsible businesses and the sustainable development of Nepal. After the 2015 earthquake, the Chaudhary Foundation provided immediate response and aid to the communities most affected. They have committed to providing homes and schools around the country.
Sarah Collins_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldEntrepreneur, CEO and equality innovator Sarah Collins is best known as the creator of the Wonderbag, a multi-million dollar globally conscious enterprise. Over the past 10 years over 1.5million Wonderbags have been activated in the Western and Majority world. Sarah’s extreme dedication, resilience and determination have earned her Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Oprah’s African Heroines and Fair Lady’s prestigious Woman of the Future Award. The Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker. Wonderbag is utilized in refugee and humanitarian interventions around the world and Sarah is working with The Red Cross, The GIZ and the UNHCR. Wonderbag was accredited by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and awarded 1st place in the Climate Change Leadership Awards and Eskom’s 2012 Innovation Award. Sarah’s impact as a CEO and advocate for women and families has led to her speaking at the 2013 Davos World Economic Forum, The Global Alliance in New York, The UN Social Good Summit, The Royal Geographic Society in London, The Eye On Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi and more. With over 10 years challenging international business models, Sarah is now pioneering a fresh blueprint for aid agencies and the business community to work together in innovative ways that uphold human rights, honor human dignity and build sustainable economies.
Ellie Cobb_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldEllie Cobb, Ph.D. is a Holistic Psychologist, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Wellness Specialist & Consultant, and the Director of Psychology for Thankful. Dr. Cobb is passionate about empowering others to improve their own well-being through scientifically-backed mental wellness & holistic health approaches. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and her B.A. in Psychology from Princeton University. As a Holistic Psychologist and certified mind-body practitioner, Dr. Cobb brings her strengths-based approach both inside and outside the therapy room. Her approach draws upon positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapies, neuroscience, integrative and functional medicine, relational psychology, contemplative practices, and other forms of mind-body practices and holistic health. Dr. Cobb sees clients in private practice in Manhattan at Rennicke & Associates. In addition, she makes her mental wellness expertise accessible to all by being a published researcher and author, leading workshops, giving talks, writing, teaching, and consulting through her wellness company, *Grounded & Gold*

Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldDr. Shruti Nada Poddar or Saudaryaambika is a Globally recognized Nada (Vibrational) Healer, a Musician, Educationist and Mentor, a Cultural Exponent and Teacher of Indian Wisdom and Intangible Heritage, a Poet, a Heritage Conservationist and Entrepreneur. Dr. Shruti is Pioneer of the “Nada Vibronics” a Wellness Ecosystem, which uses various firms of Nada Yoga and Indic Vibrational technologies to heal and empower people Worldwide. She was awarded the Delhi Ratna Award in 2003 for her pioneering work with Spiritual healing sound and music, followed by an NRI award for enhancing international cultural relations. Dr. Poddar was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in December 2017 for her Global Contributions in Education and Wellness. As a Global Educationist she has conducted Mentoring workshops for thousands of teachers, administrators and students in India and abroad.

Colborn Bell is a Founder of the 5th Element Group PBC and Director of the SDG Impact Fund, whose vision is to help create a new socio-economic era that closes historic gaps in last mile inclusion and engages the “bottom billion” to take true quantum leaps for humanity, prosperity and the planet through integrating the most innovative blockchain and smart contract technologies into new impact capital vehicles and products.  He is the Founder and Managing Principal of Finite Square Well, a pioneering crypto-assets management and services company that develops and executes investment strategies for select private families and UHNW individuals seeking intelligent access to the rapidly emerging, global capital paradigm shift in crypto and digital assets. Highly respected among some of the world’s most influential families, Colborn also leads the US-based private family office for a prominent Middle Eastern family managing investments in green energy, education, hospitality, aviation, real estate and art and specializes in enabling tech and innovation focused companies develop or expand their Middle Eastern presence. Prior, he was with Abacus Wealth Partners leading daily trading of over 1000 client accounts with $1B+ AUM. He previously worked with UNCDF and began his career in investment banking with Laidlaw and Co allocating PIPE deals for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and eHarmony.

Barry Scheer_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldBarry B. Scherr is a frequent lecturer on the connection between human consciousness and the built environment. He is an experienced Real Estate investor, a Transcendental Meditation teacher and the author of “Enlightened Real Estate”. For thirty years he has researched and developed practical solutions to create buildings, resorts and communities that encourage the leap to a new quantum reality. His descriptions of ideal villages have become the prototype for human centric commercial and hospitality developments as communities try to close the gap between what we have and what this new quantum reality demands. As President and Founder of the Sundar Corporation he helped usher in the age of large scale retail. As a thought leader in the development world he is moving the pendulum back to human scale, walking environments. These developments can create a harmonious interaction that moves beyond the sensory to stimulate the growth of human consciousness and even enlightenment. He serves on the board of the David Lynch Foundation and is a hobby grower of olive oil and organic vegetables in Tuscany, Italy.
Sarah Livia Brightwood_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldSarah Livia Brightwood’s love of the earth has shaped her life’s work as a designer of healing gardens and community activist. She is a humble witness to the earth’s powers of regeneration and healing. She is currently President of Rancho La Puerta world-renowned destination spa and resort in Tecate, Baja California Mexico and has been the vision keeper for the Ranch for 35 years..  She created the 80 acres of gardens at Rancho La Puerta, rooted Ranch culture and business in respect for nature and service to the community. She has been President of Fundación La Puerta for 22 years through which she guides Rancho La Puerta’s non-profit work in the region. She directed a ten-year campaign, led by Fundación La Puerta, to create a green belt along the Tecate River.  The local community participated in monthly river clean ups and ultimately the river was transformed including bike paths, play areas,  community gardens and a cultural center. The work of Fundación La Puerta is manifold but it is most visible in a 40 acre park, Parque del Profesor,  which Fundación developed and manages for the city of Tecate. This park is home to an environmental education center, a youth leadership program, summer camps, sports, recreational and cultural events and has provided workshops for schools and teacher training for twenty years.   Over 100,000 people visit the Park annually, hiking the trails, participating in programs and cultural events.  Sarah is the daughter of philosopher and visionary Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and community organizer and philanthropist Deborah Szekely, the founders of Rancho La Puerta.
Arta Dobroshi_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldBorn in Kosova, actress Arta Dobroshi has lived through the Kosova war. Being a refugee in Macedonia, she worked with IMC to help build a hospital in the camp in 1999. After the war she went on to work with Nato Troops in Kosova to aid the return of refugees. She attended the Prishtina Academy of Arts-Acting department where she played in numerous theater plays and short films and chore dramas. Arta Dobroshi became internationally recognized for her depiction of Lorna in ‘Le Silence De Lorna’ directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. For that role she was not only nominated in Cannes, but also at the European Academy Awards. Many great roles followed for which she received various awards, such as Barbara Tipple Best Actress Award at the Women’s International Film, Television Showcase in Los Angeles and the European Shooting Star Award at the Berlinale Film Festival. Dobroshi is an advocate of peace and has been ever since she was ten years old. She continued to protest for peace until her country was free.

As CEO of Fit Reisen, the number 1 operator in Germany for health and wellness trips, Claudia Wagner is responsible for product management, product development and consulting based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After graduating in business tourism management, Claudia started her career in 1982 at Fit Reisen and actively shaped the companies success story. She introduced a reservations system in 1986 and expanded globally in 1992 to include Ayurvedic treatments from Sri Lanka and India. Being convinced of holistic healing methods, she implemented TCM in their health packages in 1995. With great knowledge and expertise in this area, she continues to expand the product range of Fit Reisen. On top of that, she consults hotels about the composition of attractive arrangements. Together with her CEO colleagues Jan Seifried and Dr. Nils Asmussen, who both took over the company in 2009, she shaped Fit Reisen to become the leading tour operator in the growing health tourism market. Even during her free time, Claudia is fascinated by topics such as fitness, nutrition, Yoga, Qi Gong, Jin Shin Jyutsu and alternative healing methods.

Brian Brazeau_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldAs General Manager, Brian Brazeau directs and manages brand development and all international trade activates for [ comfort zone ] worldwide. Bringing his innovative vision and strong experience in the Global Beauty market, Brian will strengthen the communication of the [ comfort zone ] core values and develop new strategies to position this award-winning Italian brand as unique in the industry. In November 2016 [ comfort zone ] became a B Corporation, which means being part of a global network of people that use business as a force for good. This certification shows high standards of environmental and social performance.

Holly Ornstein Carter speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldHolly Ornstein Carter is the founder and executive director of BYkids, a non-profit organization that makes documentary films by kids, and partners with Public Television and educators to engage kids in conversations around global issues of human dignity with empathy. Films BYkids feature topics including immigration, bullying, juvenile justice, climate change and child marriage, and reach kids in classrooms with teaching materials and the opportunity to make what could be foreign issues personal, relevant and actionable. Holly began her career as a writer and editor at The New York Times where she was awarded a Publisher’s Award and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. She co-produced the award-winning PBS documentary about Margaret Sanger as well as Media Matters, a PBS magazine show about journalism. She consulted for The After-School Corporation and ran the Global Film Initiative, a foundation bringing feature films from the developing world to major cultural institutions to promote cross-cultural understanding. Holly raised two children in the melting pot of NYC, where she still resides with her husband. 

Diana Stobo_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2018, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldDiana is one of the original pioneers of the raw food movement, an award winning author, motivational speaker, leading raw food chef, health and wellness educator as well as an expert spokesperson for alternative healing. She has coached over 1,000 people back to good health. Diana has created many successful products in health and wellness, and currently has turned her energies toward an international endeavor, The Retreat Costa Rica, a lifestyle hotel that opened May 2015 and already dubbed “Best wellness Spa in the Americas”. Diana is also the creator and lead formulator of the Truth Bar, an innovative probiotic/prebiotic bar and is passionately involved with every part of its development. She currently splits her time between Southern California and Costa Rica.

Harald Schopf Speaker at the Healing Summit 2019As Director of the medical spa resort, Kurhaus Schärding, in Austria, Harald Schopf leads his resort according to a very special method called spiritual or charismatic management. This value-based approach is one of the three Kurhaus principles for successful customer relationship, Harald will talk about. He will focus on the credo of the Kurhaus: “El corazon manda – the heart commands” and its outstanding healing approach with no limits, because they only exist in our heads.
Dr. Alonzo graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Medicine where she was recognized for her Outstanding Clinical Work. She finished her European post-graduate studies with distinction (magna cum laude) specializing in Integrative Medicine. This field integrates conventional and natural medicine and finds the governing healing principles that connect different streams in healing, including biography work, art therapy, behavioral biochemistry and healing movements. Growing up with a heart condition, she learned the value of contrast between her “bodily unfreedom” and the freeing quality of the mind.  This became an important tool for her to slowly and painstakingly overcome the momentum of illness.  Despite these physical challenges, she graduated as valedictorian in her primary years and high school and qualified for Intarmed. Dr. Alonzo continues to investigate the science of miracles and to research on the body of knowledge that harmonizes the energetic flows of the different internal organs.  This supports the medical management of modern-day lifestyle illnesses, autoimmune diseases, pre-psychiatric mental emotional concerns, recovery from trauma and chronic pain management. She serves as the Medical Chief for many years at The Farm at San Benito, a multi-awarded eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort in the Philippines. Some of her specializations include Jin Shin Jyutsu, Art Therapy and Psycho-emotional clearing, to name a few.

Julie Bach_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019_organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldJulie founded Wellness for Cancer to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer. The charity focuses on minimizing the side effects on skin and body, caused by cancer therapy, as well as increasing people’s mental wellbeing during that journey. Julie is recognized for building a global bridge between medical experts and wellness professionals, serving as a thought leader within the Global Wellness Institute with the objective of establishing evidence-based guidelines. She has provided consulting and cancer-focused training for thousands of staff members of spas, hospitals and not-for profits throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and India. Julie holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University.

Beth Gallis_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldElizabeth Cocoann Galis is an international healer, leader and executive advisor integrating deep healing into the business world. With a masters in energy work and Peruvian shamanism, and over 5,000hrs of study in cross cultural healing art modalities and esoteric wisdom, Coco brings a unique and powerful lens to the world. A prolific entrepreneur, Coco has created multiple businesses including wellness centres, a sustainable clothing boutique, teacher trainings and coaching programs. Her specialty is new paradigm design and leadership development, working with visionary leaders who are dedicated to creating dynamic change in the world. Coco is currently creating a philanthropic online academy to gift her life’s studies and practices to the world. Working alongside experts in their field, she is designing a comprehensive curriculum to support humanity in the embodied evolution of consciousness. This free academy is intended to create a solid support structure for anyone in need, bringing multi-disciplinary healing techniques and esoteric wisdom into one curriculum, engaging thought and imagination to help people and the planet heal.  

Marina Efraimogloun_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the World Euphoria Retreat is the vision of founder Marina Efraimoglou, who after following a personal path of inner development, sought to create a special healing retreat. Having a successful career in the financial sector, Marina Efraimoglou was awarded with the Kouros Award for Growth and Innovation, in recognition of her role as the only woman major shareholder, acting as President and co-Managing director of a bank. For the last 14 years, Marina Efraimoglou has shifted her attention from the financial world into the worlds of wellbeing, holistic medicine and self-actualization. She is committed to leading a holistic and spiritual life, has studied in depth with very well-known pioneers in the field including Deepak Chopra, and travelled all over the world sourcing knowledge and experience in its most authentic form. Marina has created her own line of workshops which she has led for the past five years and recently brought into the corporate world. Today, Marina Efraimoglou has chosen to bridge her entrepreneurial background with her holistic and socially responsible approach to life, supporting and nurturing entrepreneurial initiatives from small and young entrepreneurs.

Nimisha Rattan_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2018, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldNimisha Rattan is a Wellness Professional and an experienced practitioner of Alternate Therapies based in India. Through her consultations she tries to help people reach that spot of perfect health by guiding people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, mental expansion and higher state of consciousness. She is a skillful teacher, who loves to conduct classes based on her own experience with different modules of Healing Yoga, Dynamic Meditations, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Bio field or Energy Medicine. On top of that, Nimisha Rattan is the founder of Bliss Body, which is a Holistic Wellness Academy that works on the Positive – Psychology of Wellbeing. It designs programs and courses for individuals, groups and organizations, helping them to rediscover health and happiness in their lives. Based on the age old Indian Traditional ways of holistic living, Bliss Body is a healthy approach to restore and harmonize the different aspects of a human being and to encourage wellness-oriented life style choices, promoting “Self-Healing Through Self Awareness”.

Alexander Tertychnyy speaker at the healing summitAlexander Tertychnyy is the owner of the Green Flow Hotel in Russia. From 2010 until 2015, Alexander was the President of NTS Holding PLC, Russia’s leading railway company. His interest in a healthy lifestyle increased progressively and he started to visit healing programs all over the world. After gaining valuable insights he decided to leave the rail business. Collaborating with the best psychologists and nutritionists in the country, his aim was to establish a program that will help people to change their habits. In December 2016 , Alexander opened his first Healing Hotel and plans to open more resorts in other picturesque parts of Russia and Europe employing the same concept. He is a true pioneer in Russian Hospitality.
Tanya Pergola, a speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldDr. Tanya Pergola is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, community development orchestrator, lead guide for The Healing Safaris, and a yoga and meditation instructor. A practicing sociologist and social psychologist, she is an inspirational voice sharing the indigenous healing wisdom of Africa with a globalized world. Especially close to her heart is Terrawatu Tanzania, a pioneering NGO she co-founded in 2000. Dr. Tanya is the author of the Nautilus award-winning book Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai. She leads corporate wellness retreats in Africa and Europe as well as workshops and events in her home base of Miami, USA.

Marjorie Woollacott_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldMarjorie Hines Woollacott, PhD, has been a neuroscience professor at the University of Oregon for more than three decades and a meditator for almost four. Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation; Marjorie has authored the book: Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind, exploring scientific studies which offer evidence that consciousness functions beyond the mind. She has also co-authored a popular textbook for health professionals and has written more than 180 peer-reviewed research articles — several of which were on meditation, the topic that motivated her to write her latest book.

Petra Müller RupprechtDr. Petra Mueller-Rupprecht is specialized in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy. She is a Psychoanalyst, a Homeopath and a General Practitioner. Part of the year she is working as a supervising doctor in hospitals teaching young psychologists and doctors to become experts in this field. Petra has also been engaged in Complementary Medicine, Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Healing for more than 25 years. She is passionate about Psychological and Spiritual Coaching, helping people in life changing situations, e.g. after divorces, in case of bereavement, chronic or acute diseases or personal crisis concerning profession and/or relationships. She says: “It is my passion and my deepest wish to connect body, mind and spirit by integrating all my knowledge from the different fields of my studies. When a human being understands himself deeply he/she is able to create his/her unique path to live life at its fullest.”
Petra Müller RupprechtBorn and raised in France, with African roots, Gaëlle developed very soon a strong sense for spirituality and corporeality. The wish to embody, truly, in full awareness, and to explore consciousness led her to Yoga. She has been inspired by teachers like Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Elena Brower, Max Strom, Ana Forrest and found the key experience for teaching through Patricia Thielemann, foundress of Spirit Yoga in Germany. 10 years ago Gaëlle started teaching at the Spirit Yoga Studios in Berlin in a sensitive, precise and intense way. She weaves through the Yoga practice a clearer, undistorted picture of Being, leading breath by breath away from illusions and limitations fixed in our mind. Her art of teaching allows the breath, life itself, to fill each asana with greatness, to be a healing source of transformation. We breathe, until we reconnect to the Spirit and its infinity, to the essential, between too much/too hard, to less/ lacking in content: we re-connect in the intensity of Asanas, in the silence of meditation, in the flow, but also in those precious moments of stillness and releasing. Body and Mind, creative, flexible and strong celebrating the intention of unity, through the precious, powerful, centuries-old tradition of exercises, meditation and breathing techniques: YOGA.

Claudia Roth, speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldClaudia Roth is the Founder & Managing Director of Soul Luxury (, a company dedicated to providing new ways for lifestyle brands to connect with consumers. In the midst of a successful career in the high profile world of luxury hospitality, Claudia arrived at a turning point in her life. An unexpected, yet welcome, transformation brought with it the realization that others, too, were longing for a more spiritually holistic lifestyle. She sensed that, knowingly or not, many were getting ready to look beyond the purely materialistic world. Within the framework of Soul Luxury, Claudia Roth uses her business acumen as well as a more soulful intelligence to create innovative and commercially successful business solutions. The company helps business leaders and lifestyle brands connect with consumers’ desire for a deeper sense of fulfilment than that which chasing after status symbols can offer. She is passionate about combining the worlds of business and spirituality helping to bring about a paradigm shift in society. Claudia is also one of the co-founders of the HEALING SUMMIT and is a popular speaker at events relating to hospitality, healing and transformation.

Jane Kitchen, speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldJane Kitchen has a 20-year career in journalism, specializing in the spa and wellness industry. She also writes about health and fitness, travel, architecture and design. Jane is the editor of the international publication Spa Handbook and an author of the annual Spa Foresight deep-dive trends report. Additionally, she is a contributing editor at Spa Business magazine, where she writes news and features covering the spa and wellness industry, interviewing some of the most influential people in the business, examining shifts in the marketplace, and reporting on new developments. A seasoned content creator, Jane also works with brands on everything from press releases to in-house magazines to make sure their message is on point. In her free time, she is developing a new retreat programme, Wellness-sing, which will unite the world of spas with the transformative power of group singing.

Anne Biging_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2018, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldAnne Biging grew up in post war Germany and thus developed from early on a strong sense that healing can indeed happen and that life should not be filled with fear and depression. Naturally curious and with the consciousness that there is more in this world that meets the eye, Anne learned about health and well-being through the study of yoga, meditation, ancient Indian scriptures and several healing techniques.
After traveling the world as a journalist and book author, she successfully established her career in international tourism destination marketing and hotel consulting and is now the co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World and the HEALING SUMMIT. Healing Hotels of the World is the only global quality brand uniting the best and most advanced hotels and resorts in the field of holistic health under one umbrella. The brand is also at the forefront of supporting the global paradigm shift towards a soulful economy through organizing the HEALING SUMMIT.

Elisabeth Ixmeier_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2018, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldElisabeth Ixmeier is co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World, an exclusive global partnership of hotels, resorts and retreats offering holistic health and wellbeing in luxury surroundings. In founding Healing Hotels of the World Elisabeth combines her experience in tourism marketing with her enthusiasm for personal development and healing. Elisabeth has a PhD in philosophy and art history. Since more than 30 years she is practising the philosophy of Yoga and meditation. Before creating Healing Hotels of the World she has been a managing director at an international tourism marketing organisation. With her interest in philosophy and the art of living of western as well as eastern cultures and her international experience in holistic health she is a demanded speaker on holistic health topics and its implementation in the hotel industry internationally.