Healing Summit 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the World

Hosts of the Day

Velleda Dobrowolny, host of the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldVelleda is from Italy and works as an international coach and trainer for leadership and authentic communication. She is passionate about meditation, a habit she has cultivated and taught for years, living in India and the USA. Her goal is bridging the inner and the outer world: she believes that concrete change in the world is a reflection of our inner transformation, the result of a grounded and balanced state of mind.
Michaela Merten, speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldThe bestselling author, awardwinning spa consultant, mental trainer and actress Michaela Merten has been a fixture in the film and TV area for over 25 years. She was voted the most popular German actress in 1999. Ms. Merten is trained in naturopathy, alternative healing methods and is furthermore an expert on water and its benefits, proved in her bestselling book “Water – The Healthy Key to Beauty and Health”. She received the Senses Award in London for the “Best Country Spa 2014″ and is a passionate ambassador for the Waterfoundation. Ms. Merten works as a mental trainer and motivation coach together with her husband Pierre Franckh – also an international bestselling author.


Marianne Brepohl, speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldSince 2010 Marianne Brepohl is in charge of Lapinha’s SPA product, marketing and sales departments. Founded by her great-grandmother in 1972, Lapinha SPA is the first destination SPA in Brazil with worldwide recognition. Since Ms. Brepohl entered the family business she has developed new services, protocols and shifted Lapinha’s image. She developed yet another way to spread wellbeing and health to Brazilians and beyond. Ms. Brepohl also writes for a number of magazines and is passionate about her own blog www.liftblog.com.br / www.lapinha.com.br.
Claudia Roth speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldMrs. Roth is the former Vice President of the largest luxury hospitality organization: The Leading Hotels of the World, handling the business in Europe, the Middle East & Africa. She is an opinion leader in her industry and has a deep understanding for the mindset of the discerning traveller. Her interest is to combine her business career with her passion to support people and organizations to become more conscious of the relationship between the true nature of the human being and business to create sustainable value, because she is a firm believer that the level of consciousness we approach any given situation with determines its outcome. Mrs. Roth is furthermore the co-founder of ConsciousLab, a not-for-profit social enterprise pioneering social transformation in business.
Rain Henderson, speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldRain Henderson is the Deputy Director of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative at the William J. Clinton Foundation. In her role, Rain builds relationships across the public, private and nonprofit sectors to advance the mission of improving health and well-being. Ms. Henderson has a rich background in policy analysis and program development and has advised many key decision makers – elected officials, international dignitaries and major multi-nationals – on a deep range of issues to advance systems change aimed at improving the lives of families.
Kathy LeMay, speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldFounder, president and CEO of Raising Change, a company that helps organizations to raise capital in order to advance social change agendas and to help individuals to create Generosity Plans, promoting a change in the world. Ms. LeMay, who began her global activism in war-torn Yugoslavia where she worked with female survivors of the siege and rape-genocide camps, has been a social change fundraiser for 15 years. She is author of the book „The Generosity Plan“, published by Simon & Schuster/Atria. www.raisingchange.com
Sonu Shivdasani speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldSonu Shivdasani, founder and CEO of Soneva Group which owns the luxury resorts, Soneva Fushi in the Maldives and Soneva Kiri in Thailand. He is also the founder and former CEO of the Six Senses Resorts & Spas across South East Asia and Europe, which he sold in 2012. Each Soneva resort remains true to Mr. Shivdasani’s original vision of five star luxury accommodation with a commitment to protecting the environment, respecting the local culture as well as the fragile eco system which is to remain undisturbed by the opening of any new resort.
Alan Fleischmann speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldAlan H. Fleischmann is an expert in aligning the private, public and civil sector to create sustainable win-win solutions for all. He is one of the founders of the Food University, an alliance of partners targeting food security and food opportunity in Africa. Fleischmann is a principal and a managing board member of the Albright Stonebridge Group and managing director of the ImagineNations Group, a partnership-based global network that catalyzes support and drives solutions for youth employment, entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods in emerging markets. www.imaginenations.org

Hotel Panel

Kirsten Feld-Türkis chair and speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldFacilitated by Kirsten Feld-Türkis former Executive Director of airtours, leading German luxury tour operator, offers her knowledge about how holistic brand strategies and luxury marketing will be tomorrow’s successful concepts. 27 years in management positions for prestigious tourism companies (1986-1996 Meier’s Weltreisen, 1996-2013 TUI Deutschland) make Mrs. Feld-Türkis one of the most experienced and respected female leaders in the industry. In her last assignment for the TUI group she was Executive Director for the Business Unit Luxury and headed up Germany’s leading luxury travel brand airtours. Mrs. Feld-Türkis firmly believes that future travel trends will strongly relate with modern lifestyle models and values and it is her conviction that holistic brand strategies and business models will be tomorrow’s successful concepts. Mrs. Feld-Türkis is the founder of KFT•Brand&BusinessSolutions.
Matthias Rolle, hotel panel at the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldMatthias Rolle studied philosophy and medicine in Munich and Berlin. After working as a clinical doctor for manual therapy for several years he decided to join the family owned Hotel Océano in Tenerife. In this climatically favorable island he established a future-oriented concept for regeneration and preventive medicine since 1999. He is director of the F.X.Mayr Center of the Hotel Océnao which is perfectly complemented through its Thalasso Center. He has achieved many different qualifications with emphasis on manual therapy, TCM, Shiatsu and neural therapy.
Mariela de Silveira, hotel panel at the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldDr. Silveira is medical director for the Kurotel Longevity Medical Center and Spa, founded by her parents. One of the oldest, most successful medical destination spas in South America, Kurotel has been named the Best Spa Destination in South America by several publications. She holds advanced degrees in medicine, medical acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy and Nutrology, and is an expert on the latest innovations in medical and wellness care. She is the founder of the NGO Mente Viva (Live Mind), which counts on volunteer health professionals to promote the culture of peace in schools of Gramado, RS, Brazil.
Alfredo Ballater, hotel panel at the HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldAlfredo has a degree in law from the University of Alicante (UA) and a master in BusinessAdministration, from the Instituto de Empresa (IE). In 2007, he joined the family company group, becoming in 2008 CEO of SHA Wellness Clinic with the challenge of facing, along with his family, the launch of what is today theworld reference in Health & Wellness. SHA is the combination of the most advanced medical techniques with a selection of the most effective Oriental natural therapies and techniques.
Patricia_Thielemann, healer panel, HEALING SUMMIT, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldPatricia is the founder of Spirit Yoga, one of the largest and most successful yoga schools of Europe, and had been a yoga teacher in the USA and Europe for many years. She writes regularly for Yoga magazines, trains yoga teachers, has her own series of Yoga Audio-CDs and DVDs and offers Wellness-Yoga retreats in comfortable and beautiful resorts around the world. Patricia developed “Spirit Yoga”, a yoga style that builds a bridge between traditional and modern yoga forms. Spirited and free it is at the same time transformative, healing, challenging and meditative. Patricia is author of the books “Yoga in pregnancy” and “Balance Yoga”(both in German). www.spirityoga.de

Healer Panel

Natalia Woerner, healing panel, HEALING SUMMIT 2014, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldBorn in Stuttgart, Germany, Natalia Wörner studied acting at the Lee Strasberg’s Actors’ Studio in New York and began her stage career in Hamburg upon her return to Germany. A critically acclaimed actress she played leading roles in more than 50 national and international films as well as in theatre productions. Natalia’s profile would not be complete without mentioning her remarkable efforts in numerous charity projects, particularly those that are of personal significance in her life. Having experienced directly the devastating 2004 tsunami in Thailand, she founded the Tsunami Help Association. In 2006, she became an ambassador for the international children’s aid organisation Kindernothilfe e.V. and supports many national and international projects that strive for the protection, health, safety, education and love of children.
Tanya Pergola, hotel panel at the HEALING SUMMIT, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldDr. Pergola, is an internationally recognized life guide, inspirational speaker, community development orchestrator, safari guide, yoga and meditation instructor. Dr. Pergola is an inspirational voice sharing the indigenous healing wisdom of Africa with the world and has apprenticed with traditional Maasai healers in East Africa for over ten years. Close to her heart is Terrawatu Tanzania, a pioneering NGO she co-founded in 2000. Terrawatu has initiated and managed dozens of projects, building lasting bridges between communities in Africa, the United States and Europe. She is the author of Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai. She also produced and is featured in the DVD ‘Maasai Yoga & Meditation’ filmed on location in Tanzania.
Bronislav Vinogrodsky speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the World Born in the Far East he graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Far Eastern State University. He has been studying ways of forming concepts, meanings and devices of consciousness on the postulates of «The Book of Changes» and is an expert on China and traditional systems of healing. He is advisor of several major Russian corporations for their activities in China and a strategic management consultant. His research on creative thinking, the study of the Book of Changes and the Chinese culture have lead him to diverse cultural and artistic activities. He is Author of numerous articles and interviews in various publications.
Beth Galis speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldThe breadth of experience Beth Galis brings to her practice is unique. After completing her BA in Education and Dance, she traveled around the world studying bodywork, energy work, shamanism, meditation, yoga, and other healing modalities. Integrating these disciplines, she has created her own unique and effective approach to health and wellness. Beth has a master in Traditional Shamanic Energy Medicine and is an extraordinary practitioner in this field.
Nicola Wohlgemut speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldNicola Wohlgemuth is a renowned Austrian therapist, medium and energetic healer with a track record of 25 years of successful healing. Her work allows her to create a space of harmony and peace for her clients without electromagnetic pollution caused through high voltage, wireless LAN or others. She is the founder of Rostock-Essences, energy essences that carry the healing power of precious stones, minerals and more. When scientists discovered that they held indestructible information and more light than “possible” it opened doors to highly fruitful co-operations. www.rostock-essenzen.com