Hurry hurry hurry (fast fast fast) (next next next) was the mantra ringing in our ears during our last stay in New York City. While we truly love New York and adore our friends and partners there, I wonder if this fast-paced attitude that we seem to find all over the world is connected with an economy that wants everything to be ‘more’ and ‘bigger’ without consideration of our fellow human beings and the planet. 

What are we running after? What is it that we fear we’re missing out on? 

Most of us are aware that it is time to return to what makes us truly human: our soul, our inner self, our inner peace. But how do we reach deep inside ourselves and act from there? 

The HEALING SUMMIT 2020: CREATING A HEALING MOMENTUM explores the connection between your inner peace and the outer world. Dr. Vikrant Sharma is one of our speakers and will guide us into the roots of our human existence.

Dr. Vikrant grew up in the Indian Himalayas and was educated in the sacred scriptures of India from a young age; his father took him to the holy places, where he learned from the wise and elder ones. His mission is to spread love, and to see smiles on everyone’s faces. With strong roots in Ayurveda and yoga, he has a master’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Rajeev Gandhi Gov. Post Graduate College in Paprola, India. Dr. Vikrant is focused on holistic healing techniques, and is an experienced wellness consultant with a long history of working in the health and wellness industry. 

How do we explore our inner truth and understand our purpose in the day-to-day of our business dealings? One of our presenters, Tracy Repchuk, a leading digital marketer, will help us understand, how her near-death experience has given her a deeper foundation in her work. Tracy creates successful digital strategies and pathways from a deep inner understanding that reaches people without sacrificing authenticity. 

An international best-selling author, Tracy has helped thousands of highly acclaimed coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and CEOs worldwide increase their visibility and market share. She started her first software company in 1985 at the age of 19, and has been an internet pioneer since 1994. She has spoken around the world in 39 different countries, has been featured as a trusted resource on almost every major television network, and has awards from the US Senate and President Obama for her work. 

If you are ready to create with us and many others a HEALING MOMENTUM, please register here.

With Gratitude,

Anne and Elisabeth