Extending Compassion to Ourselves and the Planet: Can Meditation Help?

This is a critical time in our planetary history. More and more key leaders are acknowledging the need for a fundamental shift in our conscious awareness from one of individualism to that of interconnectedness.  This sense of unity and interconnection fosters compassion, healing us from the illusion of separation and leading to a healthier planet. Can meditation help to heal suffering both within the individual and the planet?

In her talk, Dr. Woollacott presents evidence to show the—astonishing!—possibilities of human consciousness to heal. Through her experience as a scientist and a meditator, she integrates data from objective research on meditation with subjective meditation experiences, demonstrating the capability of human consciousness to heal. She gives evidence that through meditation we open the brain to the awareness of our fundamental interconnectedness – with others, with humanity, with our planet. She discusses scientific studies suggesting that meditation increases a sense of connection with the world around us, leading to increased compassion towards ourselves and others. This increased compassion can help us reduce judgment of others with differing viewpoints, and increase our reverence for the planet with its limited resources. Meditation leads to reduction in the barriers to understanding our true nature, that of unity and interconnectedness, the basis for compassion. Dr. Woollacott will also present scientific research on the efficacy of energy healing, such as Reiki, noting similarities between the energy of healing and that of meditation. In sum, during this presentation Dr. Woollacott will explore with us the existence of the non-physical and infinitely powerful mind and its capacity to help heal both individual and planetary suffering.

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