As nation states around the world continue to struggle with their own identities, economies and leadership, citizens of those nation states are on the move, migrating across borders, many as refugees. While those in positions of power discuss what to do on the international stage, individuals on the ground are meeting and interacting in their day-to-day life with new faces, new cultures, religions, and beliefs. It is not easy, and many conflicts occur. The time is ripe to ask the soul questions – and Dr. Tanya Pergola will do so as a speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2016: Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve? As the world moves faster and faster towards a globalized arena, how does this play out in our own individual lives, businesses, and relationships? What does it really mean to create and feel good about having a global identity? And what needs to be healed in ourselves and in our societies to truly move towards a peaceful, globalized world?