At the upcoming HEALING SUMMIT, May 6 and 7 in Portugal, while we will be focused on taking a quantum leap into new business models, exciting collaborations and building a community of relationships, at the core, we will assemble together to continue the evolution of healing.

Why do we talk about this one word that encompasses an enormous universe of possibilities? Because healing is essential to propel change of all kinds.
How do we describe healing?

It is the experience of achieving balance and wholeness, oftentimes coupled with an easy access to peace and joy. It happens when we look at and sit within what feels broken in us, in our relationships, in our businesses and in the world. When we admit that we might not have the answers, when we lean in and ask for help from each other and the universe at large, when we take time to explore our grudges and choose to forgive, when we stop and value the softer things in life, those are the times when we begin to acknowledge that we are already whole.

Meet some of the extraordinary healing professionals who will be speaking at the HEALING SUMMIT:

shruti nada poddar speaker heaing summit 2019 in portugal


Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar

Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar is a globally recognized vibrational healer, a musician, educationist and mentor, a cultural exponent and teacher of Indian Wisdom and Intangible Heritage, a poet, a heritage conservationist and entrepreneur. Dr. Shruti is pioneer of the “Nada Vibronics”, a wellness ecosystem, which uses Nada Yoga and Indic vibrational technologies to heal and empower people worldwide.


Elizabeth Cocoann Galis

Elizabeth Cocoann Galis is an international healer, leader and executive advisor integrating deep healing into the business world. With a masters in energy work and Peruvian shamanism, and over 5,000 hrs of study in cross cultural healing art modalities and esoteric wisdom, Coco brings a unique and powerful lens to the world.  Coco is currently creating a philanthropic online academy to gift her life’s studies and practices to the world.



nimisha rattan speaker at the healing summit 2019 pine cliffs resort portugal

Nimisha Rattan

Nimisha Rattan is a wellness professional and an experienced practitioner of alternate therapies based in India. Through her consultations she tries to help people reach that spot of perfect health by guiding people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, mental expansion and higher state of consciousness. She is a skillful teacher, who loves to conduct classes based on her own experience with different modules of healing yoga, dynamic meditations, Ayurvedic lifestyle and bio field or energy medicine.



Vikrant speaker at the healing summit 2019

Dr. Vikrant Sharma

Dr. Vikrant Sharma motto’s is spreading love and smiles on everyone’s faces. He has strong roots in Ayurveda and yoga with a Master’s degree focused in Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda from Rajeev Gandhi Gov. Post Graduate Ayurvedic College – Paprola. With his compassion towards healing, he applies his holistic healing techniques to comfort guests and spread smiles wherever he travels. He is an experienced Wellness Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the health and wellness industry.


Sometimes healing happens instantaneously, sometimes it takes a lifetime. The more we slow down and listen, the more we take care of ourselves and each other, the quicker it happens. The more we prioritize sustained peace and happiness within the infrastructure of our days, our families, our businesses, the more we heal. The solution to all that worries us is inevitable when we heal.

There will be plentiful opportunities to learn from and be enriched by outstanding healing professionals at the sixth annual HEALING SUMMIT in Portugal.

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With gratitude,

Anne and Elisabeth