We’d love to invite you on a brief virtual journey to the Algarve in Portugal; the location of the HEALING SUMMIT 2019.

Before we go, please allow us to pose a personal question:

Do you believe that humanity can take a Quantum Leap and create a new reality, which brings positive change for all of us?

Let’s hear the voices of leading economists, who made it so clear at the recent Sustainable Development Goal Forum at the United Nations, that we have in fact no other choice as to embrace and support a system of “quantum economy”. What feels like a buzz word is our future reality, based on the understanding that we, as a human family, are definitely in a position to leave behind the fear of scarcity, a belief, which we have been conditioned to respond to for thousands of years.

Instead of acting out of fear and greed the future calls for us to act from our wholeness: our values, our generosity, our sense of service and doing good. Against all odds it seems that we have finally arrived at the point of unifying with others.

The HEALING SUMMIT addresses both – the individual and the collective. We dare to be different. It is time to take a leap into a new territory.

On May 6 / 7, 2019, at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal, business owners, scientists, hoteliers and healers – people from all nations and continents will come together. We will discuss, debate and experience what is meant by the Quantum Leap. You will meet many of our Healing Hotels member hoteliers whose day to day work stimulates this peaceful revolution.

The HEALING SUMMIT is organized by Healing Hotels of the World. Healing Hotels member hotels are the true trailblazers of transformation and a change-provoking lifestyle. We have chosen one of our member hotels as the venue for this unique event.

We believe the right environment stimulates our hearts and minds for progressive thinking. So we want to invite you to take a virtual walk with us now and feel the energy of next May’s stunning HEALING SUMMIT location.

Imagine… from a beautiful garden, lined with pine trees you step down a wooden stairway through a small canyon. You smell the scent of the fragrant bushes and small trees, surrounded by red and white stones, which have been there for countless generations. You take a deep breath. You want to spend time in this grove connecting with the power of Mother Earth. You feel nurtured. You continue to walk and you arrive at the white sandy beach, where you find stillness and soak up the beauty, vastness and timelessness of the ocean.


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We invite you to join us at this unique conference. We have purposely limited attendance to 150 delegates in order to create a collaborative atmosphere so that we may engage in-depth with other woke minds from around the world.

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, it is our goal to stand up for humanity and to create a new social and just world personally, professionally and globally.

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View our speakers (continually updated) here.

With appreciation,
Anne Biging & Elisabeth Ixmeier
Co-Founders of the HEALING SUMMIT