This past September, while in New York City, I had the pleasure of sitting with Hemant Kanoria, Chairman and Managing Director of Srei Infrastructure Finance, Ltd., and Trustee of the Kanoria Foundation, which holds a total asset base of nearly 10 billion US dollars.

I was struck by how joyfully he studied the menu, totally focused on finding the best cheesecake in town.

Being immersed in the present has saved his life not just once, he told me, when sharing his life story. Hemant, who will be one of the keynote speakers at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, grew up in Calcutta, India and began working in his family’s business at the age of 17. He was taught by his father how to build a company deeply rooted in the core value of treating every individual with the utmost love and respect. During Hemant’s life, he survived a horrible car crash and another attack later in his life. All of this has made him “humble as a child“, he stated simply, as he enjoyed his New York City cheesecake.

As we continued to talk, he told me about his travels across the globe with heads of state from numerous countries, and explained that he frequently advised international political leaders from around the world. Hemant’s simplicity and easefulness, as well as always being rooted in the moment, made me wonder: do we tend to over-complicate the way we conduct business? What a wonderful concept it is to be able to have a successful business, do good, and lead a fulfilling life.

Hemant Kanoria, whose foundation’s tagline is “work with devotion”, is dedicated to building a holistic infrastructure in India, and connecting every Indian citizen to equal and improved public services, especially in the areas of education and health.

How can we learn from Hemant the way to successfully transform ourselves and the way we do business, embracing care and concern for community and human equality, paving the way for goodness in future generations, while embracing prosperity?

Find out at HEALING SUMMIT 2017, March 6 and 7 in Berlin.

Hemant Kanoria is just one of the inspiring and informational speakers who will share his business, personal and spiritual ideals during our transformative fourth annual conference. Register now, space is limited.

Anne Biging
CEO Healing Hotels of the World