Asa Siegel will be one of the speakers at the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 and the founder of STAMBA Superfoods has clear thoughts on why it’s about time for a healing economy: “The time is upon us for a major shift in economic behavior. At the heart of this shift are conscientiously run businesses and corporations. The post-industrial global economy has been largely governed by entities that divorce themselves from social responsibility and engage in practices that enable or perpetuate discord, inequality and environmental damage. The promise of a Healing Economy lies in these institutions embracing their role as catalysts for goodness in the world. Realizing this promise requires the establishment of, and adherence to, principles and practices that add value across the board: to employees; members of the supply chain; customers and clients; local communities; and the natural environment worldwide. This entails rejecting deceptive, harmful, or “blissfully ignorant” behavior, and choosing to act purposefully and transparently.

One need not look far to see reasons for concern in our world, yet the shift towards a Healing Economy – and the contributions it provides – is well underway. Rooted in integrity, conscious businesses hold the power to alter the foundation of our global economic engine from one of greed and negligence, to one of collective responsibility and benefit. For this shift to lead to the establishment of a new economic paradigm, it is paramount to come together and support one another in refining and furthering our efforts in service to Earth and humanity.”

To be continued… Look forward to the actual speech in March 2016 in Berlin.