Imagine you are spending two days with a group of the most radiant, interesting, dynamic and heart-centered people from all cultures, ages and professional backgrounds in a beautiful resort at the edge of Europe.

You are with people sharing similar values and interests, who will support and inspire one another, creating visions and providing tools to implement new ways to navigate our personal and professional lives.

As these relationships continue to unfold and inspire us, and as we build upon them throughout the year – it will lead us into creative ways to uplift ourselves and the world.

That is our promise!

What you will experience, learn and take home in more than 20 sessions and workshops

  • Understanding the quantum leap: the new dynamics of business, economy, life
  • Can our economy change?
  • A holistic approach to life: The Healing Hotels
  • What is healing? Experience and learn from the most advanced scientists, medical doctors, healers and therapists
  • Doing good and doing business? Social entrepreneurship
  • Opening our minds: how our mind shapes our world
  • Impact investment
  • Understanding the positive impact of Blockchain
  • New economy: the currency of wellbeing
  • Leadership in a quantum world
  • The new consumer leads the way…and many more

In addition to these exciting educational offerings, we will provide early morning outdoor exercise, yoga and meditation classes, and the ability to network and form enriching relationships.

Your good company

Who attends the HEALING SUMMIT 2019?
150 delegates from 27 countries and six continents

  • Leaders in the hospitality industry
  • Impact investors/ entrepreneurs
  • Real Estate developers and architects
  • Healing professionals: scientists, medical doctors, healers, therapists
  • Researchers on holistic health
  • Representatives of healing products
  • Philanthropists
  • Travel agents
  • Media


Pine Cliffs Resort, Algarve, Portugal

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We are looking forward to spend such a valuable time with you!

Anne and Elisabeth