Have you ever noticed anything in nature being stressed out or nervous? Have you experienced the ocean coming in slower because it had a „bad“ day? Are trees greener when they fall in love? Is the moon ever late or the sun „burned out“? Nature is our prime example for how to live with adversity, how to keep our equilibrium when life presents challenges, and how to stay focused on the things that matter most.

That may mean stripping away the illusion of  a comfortable life and taking stock to determine how we can deepen our experiences and live a joyful and fruitful life, personally, in business, and in how we navigate the world around us.

As we change, so does the world. It’s a most exciting time as the impetus to take a quantum leap towards new methods of doing business, creating unique collaborations between one another, and finding a new relationship with our inner selves is truly happening.

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, people with a vision, passion and drive to create a world of tomorrow, which is asking for new solutions beyond that which we know, will gather at a most glorious location surrounded by nature’s beauty.  We will be exploring what it means to take a Quantum Leap with people at the forefront of this movement.  One concept will be shared by Adam Rockefeller, who will be discussing his vision of what a new society and economy will look like. Another will be how to engage in a new way of investing, and yet another will be how to build a business with heart and soul and attract money as well.

We will be convening at a location that will provide the lessons of nature to help inspire us at our two day summit.

Our preliminary agenda is now online! → Agenda

Join us in May at Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal.

With great joy and anticipation,

Anne and Elisabeth