It’s been just a couple of months since the HEALING SUMMIT 2018, and we continue to feel the energy, spark and connectedness that was generated during the extraordinary two days that we all experienced in Berlin.

We really want to keep the conversation going and growing and to build our HEALING SUMMIT community so that we may remain strong and focused on nurturing the interest in transformative travel, personal metamorphosis, and healing the world around us and within us.

We will be sharing video and audio clips from HEALING SUMMIT 2018 in the coming months, so please stay connected with us.
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We learned so much at HEALING SUMMIT 2018, including how science, through empirical evidence, actually supports the concept that meditation can not only help heal the body, but can change our current physiological circumstances.

Neuroscientist Dr. Marjorie Woollacott shared some stunning evidence about this at the Summit.


Holistic concierge physician, medical doctor Ken Redcross shared his enthusiasm for the conference as he ended his truly engaging talk.


Topics surrounding science and medicine were just a few of the areas that were focused on at HEALING SUMMIT 2018.

Our fondest desire is to build a robust and healthy healing community, and you are an important part of it!

With gratitude,
Anne and Elisabeth