Nadia Murad Awarded Prestigious Peace Prize

Nadia Murad’s impact as a human rights activist has caught international attention for the victims of human trafficking and other brutal deeds of the Islamic State. On the 10th of October 2016, Yazidi survivors, Nadia Murad and Lamiya Aji Bashar, were presented with the forth Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize by European leaders in Strasbourg, [...]

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We All Deserve Peace

“Being a survivor of genocide comes with great responsibility – for I am the lucky one”, says Nadia Murad Basee Taha. In September, Anne Biging, CEO of Healing Hotels of the World, and the entire audience at Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Intiative in New York, held their breath in the presence of Nadia – [...]

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Leadership ABCs – The Little Things Make a Big Difference

There are a finite number of key insights or teachings that I use regularly in my work with individuals and with groups. These are basic practices that carried the day with the original client and that continue to improve workplace functionality and catalyze increased productivity for individuals and teams across a broad spectrum of sectors [...]

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Sustainable Producers – the Ups and Downs

While walking down the streets of Kreuzberg in Berlin the other day, I noticed that a lot of “green stores” have been popping up. More vegetarian and vegan cafes, more eco-friendly clothing, fair trade products and upcycling stores have set up shop. This “green trend” isn’t only growing in Berlin, but all over the world. [...]

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Baby Steps Toward Sustainability

The other day I was helping a friend move to his new home. Once I arrived in the empty apartment, I realized that he still had a lot of work ahead of him. He would need kitchenware, towels, bedsheets, toiletries, cleaning supplies and of course furniture. This got me thinking about possible sustainable alternatives. Why [...]

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Has Feminism Failed?

...and does it need a radical rethink? Last month I saw the movie Suffragette with a couple of girlfriends. We were left with enormous gratitude for the fight that those early lady foot soldiers of the Feminist movement made so that we could earn the right to vote, to work (not just labor), to have [...]

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Travel! It’s Like Going To Church…

I've been fortunate enough to be in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama twice in my life and hopefully will have the opportunity again. When lucky enough to share the same space with one who has reached such a level of permanent peace and enlightenment, you stand at attention and hope that even [...]

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Irresistible: Soulful Economy

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, illustrates that a soulful economy, one of the key topics of the HEALING SUMMIT, is not a futuristic dream, as doing well by doing good is already happening! “We are seeing more companies step up their conversion to a more responsible business model”, said Polman in an interview with [...]

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Article: Organic Spa Magazine

It's been a good month since the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 - COMMITTED TO HEALING took place in Berlin. Articles keep coming in... here is the one the Organic Spa Magazine... "Last month, international leaders from a diverse range of business backgrounds gathered together in Berlin, Germany, for the third annual HEALING SUMMIT - COMMITTED TO [...]

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European Spa Magazine Gives You a SUMMIT-Update

You missed the HEALING SUMMIT 2016? The article in the European Spa Magazine fills you in: Now in its third year, the Healing Summit has gained a reputation as a future-thinking business conference with a global view on the changing values of holistic living and wellness practices. Orgainised by Healing Hotels of the World founders [...]

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