The Business Drivers of the Future

FROM THINKING AND DOING TO ALLOWING AND BEING Some years ago, if anybody had asked me for my opinion on the above question, I would have shaken my head and walked straight on; not even given it a further thought. Fast forward a few years .... Lots of interesting and exciting things have happened, amongst [...]

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Haiti: Donna Karan encourages soulful economy

We all know Donna Karan is a fantastic designer, but what most don’t know: she is also a gracious, humble, energetic woman who cares for what’s going on the world, trying to make our planet a bit better, a bit more peaceful, and a bit fairer. Following the motto 'less talk, more action' the New [...]

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Pope Francis Preaches From the Core of Goodness

Has the Vatican read our SUMMIT agenda? It seems like Pope Francis has taken up the topic of Global Identity during his visit to Mexico. He not only asked for forgiveness in regards to the century long oppression and defiance of the indigenous Mexican culture and language but also acknowledged the people’s ability to live [...]

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Guest is God – Atithi Devo Bhava

Ashok Khanna is a well-known man within the hospitality industry, born into an eminent family of hoteliers, the passion for the hotel industry basically runs through his veins. When everybody fell for faster, bigger, better - and at best all at the same time - Ashok stuck to ancient Indian virtues, where holistic living was [...]

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We are Committed to Action!

For Healing Hotels of the World, the organizer of the HEALING SUMMIT, it is all about committing to a good cause. We try to make the world a better place, day by day, bit by bit and for that we have engaged in a partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), an initiative of the [...]

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It’s time for a Healing Economy

Asa Siegel will be one of the speakers at the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 and the founder of STAMBA Superfoods has clear thoughts on why it's about time for a healing economy: "The time is upon us for a major shift in economic behavior. At the heart of this shift are conscientiously run businesses and corporations. [...]

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Walk like an Egyptian…

Admitted, the headline was a cheap joke. But what about being able to heal like an Egyptian? We are not talking about modern medicine here but about ancient wisdom and techniques, basically healing as it was practiced in the golden age of the Pharaohs. 3500 years ago people from all over Egypt walked to the [...]

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We want to change the world – no less!

We are not shy when it comes to promoting our mission or talking about our passion: holistic health. That’s why Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World, caused quite a whirl at the “Trail Blazers of Wellness Tourism” panel at the World Travel Market in London when she stated loud and proud: [...]

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Le Monastère: history, humanity, healing…

Le Monastère des Augustines: tradition, history, French-Canadian charm, spirituality, healing and a bit of the splendor of King Louis XIV, the Sun King of France. We bring all this for you to the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 in Berlin. Okay, that might have been a bit overzealous. Louis might not make it in time and has [...]

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Global Identity

As nation states around the world continue to struggle with their own identities, economies and leadership, citizens of those nation states are on the move, migrating across borders, many as refugees. While those in positions of power discuss what to do on the international stage, individuals on the ground are meeting and interacting in their [...]

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