We want to change the world – no less!

We are not shy when it comes to promoting our mission or talking about our passion: holistic health. That’s why Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World, caused quite a whirl at the “Trail Blazers of Wellness Tourism” panel at the World Travel Market in London when she stated loud and proud: [...]

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Le Monastère: history, humanity, healing…

Le Monastère des Augustines: tradition, history, French-Canadian charm, spirituality, healing and a bit of the splendor of King Louis XIV, the Sun King of France. We bring all this for you to the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 in Berlin. Okay, that might have been a bit overzealous. Louis might not make it in time and has [...]

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Global Identity

As nation states around the world continue to struggle with their own identities, economies and leadership, citizens of those nation states are on the move, migrating across borders, many as refugees. While those in positions of power discuss what to do on the international stage, individuals on the ground are meeting and interacting in their [...]

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And the Nobel Prize goes to…

This is the HEALING SUMMIT news section. You know this. You thoroughly clicked your way through to get here. You read the headline and instantly asked yourself: How can this be ‘news’ when Angus Deaton had been awarded with the Nobel Prize a month ago? Why is the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences “for [...]

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A Soulful Economy

Pioneers of the ethical shopping movement are joining forces to address their potential to mend some of the world's grim statistics. 2.7 billion people are living in poverty, and 40% of the world's population live on less than $2 a day. We call it the Soulful Economy Movement; I am spearheading this movement alongside Donna [...]

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The Science of Mind…

Drumroll and draw the curtain for a teaser of the speaker’s section: Marjorie Woollacott will attend the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 and certainly cast a spell over the audience when talking about the ‘Science of Mind’. As a neuroscientist, Marjorie had no doubts that the brain was a purely physical entity controlled by chemicals and electrical [...]

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Prepare: Kjell is back!

You talk business masterminds, you think Dr. Kjell A. Nordström. It just goes hand in hand. That’s it. Kjell, advisor to global enterprises and well known economist, has left people in awe at the last SUMMIT and will return 2016 to repeat the trick. If you want to get in touch with his ‘wild’ thinking, [...]

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Helping refugees first hand

Speaking of commitments, healing, helping, making the world better… Daniela Pfefferkorn, owner of the healing hotel Goldener Berg in Austria, is a woman that doesn’t watch but act. She was not willing to handle the refugee situation in Europe as part of the news that doesn’t concern her, but as what it is: the most [...]

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