Two weeks ago we spent a few days in Portugal to check out the site for our extraordinary HEALING SUMMIT in May. Would you like to get a taste of what we discovered and experienced? If so, please keep on reading and follow our journey.

Monday morning, sunrise at 7 AM, we are feeling a cool breeze as we watch the mighty sun coming up over the silvery shimmering ocean. Bare feet in the sand, we are at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the Pine Cliffs Resort, waiting for Maria, the director of the Spa to join us.

Suddenly, we see a giddy and joyful Maria running down the wooden steps, waving both of her arms as she greets the majestic mountain cliffs and the chirping birds.

We share a big hug and off we go, as the three of us jump into the „really really cool“ ocean. After the bracing shock of the water’s temperature, a blissful moment of letting go of everything and everyone feels completely freeing.

We get out soon after –feeling as if we have been re-born, scramble back into our bathrobes, and warm up in the nearby steam sauna for a few minutes before changing clothes and moving on to the Tabu Garden, where our yoga teacher awaits.

This wonderful experience of being absorbed into the ocean, and then, ever so gently, being pushed out, re-vitalized, I imagine is something all joining us at the HEALING SUMMIT will feel.

But this is just the beginning.

After 30 minutes of meditation and yoga with Stella, our deeply connected and skilled teacher, practiced under the shady trees of the sacred Tabu Garden, where you can see the ocean, we are grounded, cleansed, open-hearted and ready for breakfast.

There are many delicious healthful choices spanning dishes that are vegan, and gluten-free, in addition to a variety of other options. Zest Restaurant, the healthy heart of the resort, has an outdoor dining spot appropriately named the “Lemon Square” situated in a courtyard –lined with blooming and exquisitely scented lemon trees.

As we anticipate the agenda for the HEALING SUMMIT, we check the clock and realize we would have an hour left until the beginning of the Summit, and with that knowledge, dance into our beautiful sunny Ocean Suites, where the refreshing pine fragrance wafts into the rooms. The Ocean Suites will be hosting all HEALING SUMMIT delegates.

What a morning it has been so far!

Why are we sharing all of this with you? Because the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 will be unlike any other professional gathering that you can find on the globe. And that is because of the intention we made when we began to create the core, solidify the agenda and secure the speakers and teachers for the event. It became clear amongst all of us that we would take that which is currently available as business conferences to a deeper level. How? Through our practices and personal connections, ably supported by the powerful and yet sweet forces of nature, we can feel protected enough to open our hearts and minds to a new level of awareness.

And this is the moment when a quantum leap can occur.

With highly successful entrepreneurs, investors, hoteliers, social innovators, teachers and healing practitioners from all over the world, we are so sure that we will learn from one another as we listen, feel, connect, laugh and finally have the courage that is needed to make the world a better place.

The agenda, outlining our topics and discussions, led by the truly expert visionaries with whom you will engage in taking a quantum leap, is now online.

Read it. Sign up. Come join. Just feel.

From sunny Cologne and with a happy heart,
Anne and Elisabeth