Has the Vatican read our SUMMIT agenda? It seems like Pope Francis has taken up the topic of Global Identity during his visit to Mexico. He not only asked for forgiveness in regards to the century long oppression and defiance of the indigenous Mexican culture and language but also acknowledged the people’s ability to live in harmony with nature – something we can all learn from.

Francis celebrated the mass with thousands of indigenous Mexicans in three different Maya languages, cited Popol Vuh, an ancient Mayan text, and reached the people’s hearts saying: “On many occasions, in a systematic and organized way, your people have been misunderstood and excluded from society. Some have considered your values, culture and traditions to be inferior. Others, intoxicated by power, money and market laws, have stolen your land or contaminated it with their behavior. How sad this is. How worthwhile it would be for each of us to examine our conscience and learn to ask for forgiveness. Forgive us, brothers!”

The 79 year old pontiff also highlighted the need to care for the environment. He applauded the indigenous Mexicans’ relation to nature and stated: “In this regard you have a lot to teach us. We can no longer remain deaf and blind before one of the greatest environmental crises in world history,” he said. Let’s take the pope’s words as an inspiration and continue in that direction: we can learn and grow by sharing from a variety of experiences, traditions and high values and build a Global Identity and a Global Perspective. We will hear more about this at the HEALING SUMMIT – not by the Pope though, don’t get confused.