Coco Swanson

Speciality: Energy Healer & Founder of NGO Auntie Coco’s

Coco Swanson is an internationally known energy healer, integrating deep inner work into leadership development. She works with visionary leaders dedicated to dynamic change in their businesses and the world through embodied healing, subconscious rewiring and systemic transformation. Coco’s expertise developed through masters level studies and 25 years of experience within healing arts, esoteric practices, energy medicine, teaching and business development. A prolific entrepreneur, she’s founded multiple businesses including wellness centers, teacher training and coaching programs.

She is philanthropically motivated, currently creating Auntie Coco’s, a nonprofit program bringing a systematic collection of video tutorials to children around the world. Her program integrates art, play dance, meditation and healing arts into lifestyle routines, to radically empower our youth.

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