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Marina Efraimoglou

Speciality: CEO and Founder Euphoria Retreat Greece

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Marina graduated top of her class from the University of Athens earning a B.Sc. in Economics. Concurrently she earned a B.A. in Sociology (high distinction) with a minor in Phycology from the American College in Greece (Deree College). She continued her studies graduating from London School of Economics with a M.Sc. in Economics. 

After her studies, she has a successful career in the financial sector, founding her business Telesis in 1993. In 2000, she was awarded with the Kouros Award for Growth and Innovation, in recognition of her role as the only woman major shareholder, acting as President and co-Managing director of a bank. Socially responsible in life, Marina was member of the board of IME (Foundation of the Hellenic world) which was founded by her family.

For the last 14 years, after a pivotal personal experience, Marina has shifted her attention from the financial world into the worlds of wellbeing, holistic medicine, and self-actualization. She is committed to leading a holistic and spiritual life, has studied with very well know pioneers in the field including Deepak Chopra, Donna Eden, Mantak Chia and traveled all over the world sourcing knowledge and experience in its most authentic form. She has retrained in various modalities and completed her studies in Five Elements and Chinese Medicine, working in transformational healing for over a decade.

Marina and her associate Mary Vandorou have created their own line of workshops based on their long experience and have successfully led various workshops and retreats for the past 13+ years in different places but every time she had the feeling that something missing, not in amenities or the treatments but in the soul of the place. She discovered that the answer to her quest lay was hidden to her Greek heritage. For Ancient Greek philosophers, individual freedom of choice was zest of life, a cornerstone of their world view. Responsibility not only to the state but also to themselves. all the above, in combination with the process of transformation sometimes linking to sacrifice and denial, key features of Eastern philosophies birth the Euphoria Methodos in her mind and the signature transformational retreats she is teaching. 

Another important key fact is Marina and Mary brought their workshops into the corporate world, aiming at encouraging the emergence of a new type of leadership and cooperation.

Now her vision has a name, Euphoria Retreat, which encapsulates the entire concept: a place to which people can retreat and be welcomed within joyful and warmhearted atmosphere, in order to feel the power of healing, in whatever way they need, be it physical, emotional and even spiritual. 

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