Valerie Smaldone_Host of the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldValerie Smaldone is a 5-time Billboard Magazine Award winner and well known for her unprecedented success holding the #1 on-air position in the New York radio market. She has hosted, produced and created several nationally syndicated programs featuring in-depth interviews with top recording artists such as Elton John and Mariah Carey. She is an accomplished interviewer, always interested in procuring each individual’s unique story. Valerie has also been the “Voice” for numerous prestigious live events, e.g. The Clinton Global Initiative, The Emmy Awards, The Tony Preview Concert on CBS and many more. She is a sought after motivational speaker, and calling on her years of speaking experience, coaches individuals on their presentational skills. Additionally, she consults companies and experts on their brand strategy. Valerie is proud to be able to help others accomplish their personal goals.

New Speakers

Jasmine Al Fayed_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2020, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldShe is a trained Auricular Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and iRest yoga nidra practitioner, with many miles travelled in the healing field. A life-long student, she is currently furthering her qualifications in psychotherapy, trauma recovery, and Integrative Health Coaching. Jasmine is honored to be considered a Peace Ambassador for two ‘transform-action’ global SDG initiatives close to her heart, Roots of Peace and Dr. Scilla Elworthy’s The Business plan for Peace. In a former life, she spent 10 years as the Founder & Creative Director of award-winning fashion label, Jasmine di Milo. She lives in the UK with her partner and their 13-years-old daughter. When she is not knee-deep in the throes of motherhood, business, and study, she can be found freestyling around the dance-floor to her favorite tunes, much to the bewilderment of her beloved Papillion Leo.

Dr. Laurie Ann Levin_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2020, organized by Healing Hotels of the World1999-2012, Dr. Levin founded and served as CEO of Moonview Sanctuary, a highly respected treatment and research institute. Each Moonview program was created through the careful collaboration of modern medicine, psychology and neuroscience, together with ancient knowledge and healing spiritual practices from around the world. She brought together over 65 practioners to share their knowledge and initiate new modalities for customized care.
In 2014, Dr. Levin became a World Peace Advocate traveling the globe assisting in missions to accelerate the promise of peace as a legislative priority, nuclear disarmament, as well as, joining with spiritual leaders reimagining the ethos and education of our youth. Dr. Levin has lectured and advocated for a unified agreement on the culture of peace at US Capitol, Japan Parliament, UN NYC, UN Nairobi, and Israel Knesset.

Using her expert training in trauma, intuition and universal spirituality, Dr. Levin authored a Mobile App, HERE, to ameliorate trauma through interactive meditations utilizing color and music therapy, all based in cutting edge neuroscience.
HERE Global Relief gives its proceeds to sustain deployment of the HERE field model for crisis survivors to ease human suffering. HERE assists organizations who bring Internet-enabled HERE field devices to disaster areas, as well those organizations that aid the underserved and under resourced.

Patricia R. Sheikh_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2020, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldPrior to joining Roots of Peace in May 2018 as Senior Vice President, she served as the Director of Agribusiness, Trade and Health for the Corporate Council on Africa. Through her leadership, Ms. Sheikh helped developing countries around the world improve their agricultural systems thereby improving their standard of living and their capacity to engage in two-way trade. Before, she was the Deputy Administrator of International Trade Policy, the World Cotton Coordinator, and a Trade Analyst at the Office of Foreign Economic Policy.
Mrs. Sheikh holds a B.A . in History and Political Science with a minor in Economics from Notre Dame of Maryland University and an M.A. in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. She currently serves on the Advisory Council of the Millennium Challenge Corporation and is a board member of The National Industrial Hemp Council.
Ms. Sheikh has numerous awards acknowledging her accomplishments, including the Presidential Meritorious Executive Award and the Presidential Rank Award.

Jasmine Al Fayed_Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT 2020, organized by Healing Hotels of the WorldBorn in the Far East Bronislav Vinogrodsky graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Far Eastern State University. He has been studying ways and techniques of forming concepts, meanings and devices of consciousness on the postulates of «The Book of Changes» and is an expert on China and traditional systems of healing. Bronislav is advisor of several major Russian corporations in regards to their activities in China and a strategic management consultant. His research on creative thinking, the study of the Book of Changes as well as the Chinese culture have lead him to diverse cultural and artistic activities. Bronislav is the author of numerous articles and interviews in various publications.