When I was building up my business many years ago, my relation with money was complicated. I did not know how to combine my deep inner commitment to create a business, focused on healing and transformation and based on high ethical standards, with the practicality of making it viable.

My understanding of the expansive nature of the energy of money and abundance was limited at that time. I went through many painful lessons and years of searching and yearning and learning until I discovered my own truth. Money is a continuous flow of energy – a system of exchange for goods and services – and we all have to honor this flow.

What a beautiful task we are on – we can still honor money and our soul’s purpose for living a better life, both individually and for the greater good in the world. Money is beautiful because it helps to re-build cities ravaged by storms. Money provides life saving medical teams for those in need. Money brings food to babies and mothers who are severely undernourished. Money allows us to hear the glorious sound of music in a symphony hall, to see wondrous art installations, and to feel our deepest human emotions when moved by a play or film.

Money has a purpose for good things. We just have to look at it in a different way, and so let’s call it ‘THE MONEY SHIFT.’

At our upcoming HEALING SUMMIT in Portugal, you will have the rare opportunity to engage with some of the world’s wealthiest and influential people who are willing to share their story and their tools. With delegates coming from all over the globe and from many different professional walks of life we gathered a great community assembled to explore all aspects of money and the heart that beats behind it.

Together we can strive to let go of the current paradigm of economics and our perception of money and move into a reality of peace, ease and generosity. As we look at money in a completely different way, we will examine how we can do business so that the beauty of money is revealed. We will be vibrating something different – with the goal to give and receive with ease and comfort.

We will also be finding innovative ways to partner together on our most precious personal and professional pursuits.

Join us May 6 and 7 in Portugal for this very special business conference that integrates our joyful journey of individual transformation and doing good for the world, while honoring what money can accomplish as well.

With appreciation,
Anne and Elisabeth