How do we know what is right and what is wrong? Society has been struggling with this conundrum forever. It is true that every day on this earth we walk on the razor’s edge between the two. That begs the questions: are we acting mindful enough? Are we connected to our true heart? Are we able to manage the myriad of emotions that constantly run through our system? Are we aware of the consequences of our thoughts and actions?

These questions and more address the basic human struggle between our deep feelings, the inner knowing and the so called ‘real world’. With all these questions, we confront the challenge of determining what are the most appropriate actions in the moment.

According to the ancient scriptures of many cultures and religions, right action means to act from the goodness of our hearts for the benefit of all.

In a sense, one could say that we are ‘purifying’ our choices and our actions by honestly examining our state of being and aligning with our higher commitments.

We are all beginning to understand that there is one great global, even universal whole to which everything is related and integrated. We in fact are all one.

The annual international gathering, the HEALING SUMMIT, this year again in stunning Portugal, is for individuals and organizations that want to share best practices, to ‘cross pollinate’ with like-minded people, and to be inspired, uplifted, educated and reinvigorated by being together and being in nature.
Through the talks, workshops and interaction between all who attend, the HEALING SUMMIT emphasizes and illustrates that healing begins as an individual pursuit, which then naturally expands to include those precious people around us in our lives, in our community and in our world.

Each year, the HEALING SUMMIT empowers all who join us to act as ‘healing agents’, enabling us to embark upon self-care and care for others. That care extends to our commitment for the planet and all who inhabit her majestic being.

We are very proud to announce two speakers who will be at HEALING SUMMIT, 2020.


Gina Diez Barroso is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Latin America and a philanthropist committed to the development of design and innovation projects. She is the founder and CEO of Grupo Diarq, one of the top international design, architecture and real estate development companies in Mexico, with more than 600 employees headquartered in Mexico and the United States. She is the founder and president of CENTRO, the first university in Mexico focused on creative studies, with a strong emphasis in business and entrepreneurship, is an active board member for several companies, and advisor for many national and international organizations.



Kjell_A_Nordstrom_Speaker_HEALING-SUMMIT-2020Economist, writer and innovative speaker, Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is a world-renowned management mastermind and international best-selling author who is considered the “enfant terrible” of the business world. A sought after speaker, Kjell’s speeches are witty, dynamic, provocative, interactive and always on the cutting edge. His books have been translated into 35 languages and he has sold thousands of copies. Kjell earned his doctorate at the Stockholm School of Economics where he has also taught for many years. Currently, Kjell focuses his research and consulting activities on corporate strategy, multinational corporations and globalization.



These are just two of our extraordinary speakers at HEALING SUMMIT, 2020. 

Registration is open now and is limited to only 165 delegates. Join us in the pursuit of ‘right action’ at this unique and astonishing event. Register now.