In many of the ancient scriptures it is said: “In human life, there is the ultimate goal and the immediate purpose.“

Calling upon this wisdom, we must ask ourselves, “how do we identify and approach the immediate purpose and what is the ultimate goal for humanity?”

If we all agree that the ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for each of us and to restore harmony for all, then, what is our immediate purpose? How do we achieve it?

As human beings we have immense potential, but are we really living that from our deepest core? Are we fully sharing what we have to give? How do we go about our actions in our private or business life? Do we value numbers more than people or relationships?

Let’s use our incredible intelligence for the betterment of this world. Let’s not get defeated by the heaviness we may feel precipitated by the current state of affairs. Rather, let us be elated. If our ultimate goal is to be a better person, being a better leader, living in a better community and finally creating a better world, let’s embrace this and embark upon our immediate purpose.

Our immediate purpose at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 is to use our collective ideas and knowledge and take a quantum leap toward the ultimate goal.

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, you will gain valuable knowledge, be immersed in enriching experiences and build lifelong relationships that will inspire you and propel you forward, both personally and professionally. You will meet people from six continents – people of many cultures and nations – who are living for the same ultimate goal.

The people who dare and the people who love will find the courage to create change.

Please plan to join us in Portugal. Now is the perfect time to register. 


With appreciation,
Anne and Elisabeth