How can we measure the true richness that comes from a healing experience?  How can we honor our desire to care for others, or build a business based on social justice, or create a fresh and innovative blueprint for a global economic system?

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 we will deeply explore these questions… and ask even more.

We are happy to introduce two very accomplished personalities who will gift us with their wisdom:

Adam Rockefeller Growald speaker at the healing summit 2019 Portugal

Adam Rockefeller Growald
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Rockefeller Family Fund 

Adam Rockefeller Growald is an investor, philosopher and philanthropist whose dream for the world is that all might experience life as a precious and wonderful gift. Adam received his BA in Philosophy from Princeton University and applies philosophical insight to his investing, board service, and advisory work. Currently, he serves on the boards of the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Growald Family Fund, and the National Center for Family Philanthropy.

„My highest wish for myself—and for others—is to be, as much as possible, in alignment with my deepest self, and to enjoy the current of satisfaction and creativity that naturally arises. From that place of alignment, my eyes are open to perceive the true abundance and infinite possibilities of life.

When we have a vision for the future, we experience, at the level of feeling, a reality that actually exists at the level of infinite possibility, but which has not yet manifested in the world of our physical senses. As we continue to harmonize with the essential feeling of that future, we allow it to come into being. We are effortlessly and joyfully inspired to the actions which will bring about the very world we have envisioned. This is heart-centered creation.”

Sarah Collings speaker at the healing summit 2019 portugalSarah Collins
Entrepreneur, CEO and creator of the Wonderbag

Sarah Collins is best known as the creator of the Wonderbag, a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker utilized in refugee and humanitarian interventions around the world. She pursues a career of advocating for women and families as well as creating business communities to uphold human rights and honor human dignity. TIME Magazine rewarded Wonderbag as one of the ‘The 50 Most Genius Companies of 2018’.
Visit Wonderbag.

„I believe that financial wellbeing has been overlooked in the world that we live in today and I have developed a business model based on globally conscious capitalism. This is not just about making money or looking at the social impact of money.  It is actually about our individual relationships to money and finances, as well as how we can empower ourselves as women, and those around us, to have choice, dignity and freedom and not be beholden to economic and patriarchal financial systems that were set up to control people centuries ago.”

Adam and Sarah represent just two of the soulful visionaries and  ‘mind-blowers’ who will be speaking at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019. You will hear about more in the coming weeks. View our speakers (continually updated) here.

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With appreciation,

Anne and Elisabeth