“Businesses can change the world more effectively than politics can.”
Anne Biging, founder of Healing Hotels of the World and the HEALING SUMMIT

We deeply believe that’s true. Not only because from an objective point of view it doesn’t seem to be very fair to leave it to some of the planet’s leaders to solve our problems, but first and foremost because businesses have an immediate effect on people’s lives and the environment.

The HEALING SUMMIT was brought to life by Healing Hotels of the World and its over 100 partner hotels to provide leadership professionals, business founders and CEOs with a platform to stand up and speak out to inspire and support others and to promote exchange amongst them. Why? Because, as Catherine Parrish, founder of NextLevel Leadership Inc., put it in her talk: “The old way of doing business is out of business.”

This year’s theme followed a universal call, a business necessity of the near future: Building a Global Healing Business Community. The HEALING SUMMIT set out – this year for the fourth time – to foster this global community for all the obvious reasons that come with it: we are stronger as a community, our voice is louder, our network is wider and our impact is more powerful. Our aim? Providing ideas and inspiration for a personal as well as an economic growth and contributing to the development of a soulful economy that aims for profit out of a higher purpose, namely the benefit of all.

“Today, a business’s sustainability rating really does impact on sales as more consumers reward good. This trend will completely change the way that the business world works”, predicted Asa Siegel, founder of STAMBA Superfoods, when talking about “Increased Brand Awareness and Profitability through Doing Good”. Living proof of what still seems to be naive or utopian to many of today’s power brokers was Rupert Schmid, Chairman of Biologique Recherche. When talking about the business ethics of his company he shared that he doesn’t differentiate between personal and business values: “Humility is usually not something that characterizes a manager. But this is how we want to lead our company.” He therefore looks at money “as a tool to achieve something”, and hence invests a majority for the benefit of all.

We as Healing Hotels of the World don’t look at business solely as an economic matter, but believe that doing good results out of feeling good, of being at peace with oneself. That’s why we aim for a Global HEALING Business Community. Healing starts with YOU and “is not restricted to your personal life, but also touches your place in the world. How you behave as a global citizen, how you interact with others”, said Dr Elisabeth Ixmeier, co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World.

Dr Marjorie Woollacott, Emerita Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Oregon, supported this statement scientifically. In the spirit of Ghandi’s famous plea to “be the change you want to see in the world”, she gave insight on her research, funded by the US National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation, that proofs the direct positive impact of meditation on life, health and leadership. “Our own lab has found that meditation improves our attention and ability to focus – it also reduces stress and improves our emotional wellbeing. We are happier”, Marjorie said. “We are able to look and reflect about situations rather than only react to them. Meditating on a regular basis leaves you more empathetic, more caring and with the strong disposition to alleviate suffering and the wish of others to be happy.”

The HEALING SUMMIT also gave a status quo in regards to tourism and the customers’ current needs. They also show: there is strong demand for healing in the way we define it. Stella Photi, founder and managing director of Wellbeing Escapes, gave relevant insight: “In 2007, our clients wanted to book packages that would help them ‘look more beautiful’ or ‘be thinner’. This language has completely changed. They are looking for transformational packages – ways to become ‘a better me’. They say ‘teach me’, ‘help me’. People now want to go to nurturing environments where they can take care of themselves. They also appreciate they are going to live longer and have raised their awareness to seek education for an active, improved second part of life”, Stella said.

We successfully brought together more than hundred thought leaders, professionals and privates that enjoyed the unusual content of this two-day conference that took place at the elegant Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome in Berlin. We offered content like meditation, yoga and even dancing to push some triggers in regards to personal development. And we also offered content strictly dealing with business issues in all its various forms. Two worlds combined to one at the HEALING SUMMIT in order to address different parts and provoke different reactions within the same human being; leaving the delegates with the freedom to take home whatever suited them best at the moment. Because…

“It’s time to stop separating your business life from your personal life. You simply can’t be sweet in your personal life and be shark in your business life. Let’s stop this. It’s 2017. It’s time for a new way of business.” Catherine Parrish