Let me beginn by telling you a story:

Once upon a time, a mountain climber was happily crossing over steep hills in the Himalayas. Suddenly, he slipped and stumbled over the edge of the rugged path. There was nothing below him and he was surely going to fall into the vast abyss. Miraculously, he managed to grip the branch of a lonely tree and held on for dear life. The mountain climber started to pray with all his might: “Dear God, please save me, I have prayed for you all my life. Help me – I need you now“. Immediately, he heard an inner voice saying: “Yes, I will help you and save you. But first you have to let go of holding on to the branch…“.

Ahh … letting go of that we think is our safe haven. And learn how to trust! The jump from the known into the unknown can seem like a hair-raising prospect. It is said that we need to be strongly inspired by the truth to make a leap into the unknown.

That’s the Quantum Leap.

Simply said, this surge forward is a fascinating part of our evolution as a society, and the rise of consciousness along with it. We are transforming. The fun part is: nothing is proven, until it is done.

What does that mean for our business?

We must make a choice and decide what drives us. In the old paradigm of business, the focus is on a “materialistic“ outcome – that is, making a profit.
But as we evolve in the emerging new economy, the focus is to embrace a way of doing business from a place of inner joy, purpose and wellbeing and radiate that energy throughout the entire business transaction.

We dare to say that wellbeing and healing is the new currency!
At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 we will dive deeper into this and get to the core.

Today, we want you to meet Sarah Livia Brightwood and Barry Scheer, two of our speakers that will enlighten our heart and soul:


Sarah Livia Brightwood

President of Rancho La Puerta

Sarah Livia Brightwood’s love of the earth has shaped her life’s work as a designer of healing gardens. She is not only the current President of Rancho La Puerta, world-renowned destination spa and resort, but also the President of Fundación La Puerta through which she guides Rancho La Puerta’s manifold non-profit work supporting the neighbour community of Tecate such as  a park wich  is home to an environmental education center, a youth leadership program,  the  river clean up campaign and much more.

“As a designer, farmer, gardener and caretaker of sacred space, I believe that we must begin by listening for what wants to be born. There are many techniques to quiet the mind and to become receptive, but how do we strengthen our antenna to connect with the intelligent, benevolent forces that shape our world? How do we become co-creative beings with the natural world? How do we listen and look with wonder and respect to cultivate healing and restore reciprocity?”


Barry Scheer

Author of Enlightened Real Estate Series, President and Founder of the Sundar Corporation

Barry B. Scherr is a frequent lecturer on the connection between human consciousness and the built environment. He is not only a Transcendental Meditation teacher and the author of “Enlightened Real Estate”, but also President and Founder of the Sundar Corporation who has helped usher in the age of large-scale retail to move the pendulum back to human scale, walking environments.

“The next phase of human evolution is this quantum leap. The rising consciousness of humanity is colliding with technology to create a new quantum economy, based on deeper principles of love driven by our need to be together. Healing Hotels are an example for the quantum reality, as a way to live, and as a place to be.”


Join us, as we will joyfully explore this new vista… and take the leap together. We will share our findings, explore our fears and strengths, experience healing and navigate new ideas, as a community of fabulous souls.

As space is limited to 150 delegates, please ensure you are in!

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With appreciation,

Anne and Elisabeth