Healing Hotels of the World to launch virtual Visionaries ́ Table “How to Heal the Self, the Community and the Earth”

Join a virtual dialogue with an Alternative Nobel Prize laureate, a former Bhutan Ambassador to the UN advocating Gross National Happiness, a Master of Spiritual Awareness, the Founder of Cancer Wellness magazine, a senior advocate of Refugees International, and a sustainability cuisine innovator.

Cologne, Germany, October 14, 2021– Pushing the boundaries, Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, founders of Healing Hotels of the World and the HEALING SUMMIT, are initiating the Visionaries’ Table where individuals get together with activists, scientists and inspired souls to explore the connection between healing and responsibility on an individual, social and planetary level.

The 3-hour virtual event will take place on Saturday October 23, 2021 from 10 am – 1 pm EDT (New York), 7 am – 10 am PDT (San Francisco), 4 pm – 7 pm CEST (Berlin), 10 pm – 1 am CST (Beijing).

Keynote speaker is Alternative Nobel Prize laureate scholar and environmental scientist and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, who stresses the interconnectedness of human beings and the earth by stating that “we are part of a living and breathing conscious universe.” Dr. Shiva will share her profound insights on how our individual choices contribute to positive change for sustaining the earth.

Also at the Visionaries’ Table:

  • Ambassador Lhatu Wangchuk introduced the world to the concept of “GrossNational Happiness” as a human development indicator during his time as Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Bhutan to the United Nations. Now serving as Board Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre, Bhutan, he will talk about happiness as a fundamental human right.
  • Known for her gift to make yogic wisdom accessible for a contemporary life, Sally Kempton draws from more than 45 years of studying and teaching Indian scriptures (Kashmir Shaivism). As an internationally recognized teacher of meditation and yoga, she will translate ancient philosophy into new ways of living.
  • Focusing on individual journeys around the topic of cancer and a unique mix of health, wellness, beauty, and medical innovation, founder and editor-in-chief of Cancer Wellness magazine, Caylei Vogelzang provides all the essentials for an ever-growing community to thrive with and beyond the scope of cancer.
  • As senior advocate for women and girls at Refugees International, Devon Cone’s research highlights the unique needs in displacement. Her advocacy impacts policymakers to prioritize the protection of displaced women and girls. She will share insights from her most recent report about the situation of Afghan women and girls.
  • Mattia Baroni is the co-founder of LA FUGA (Laboratory for Future Gastronomy); aninnovation hub for developing sustainable products and food preparation methods. Through research projects with established institutions and in his role as chef de cuisine at Bad Schoergau (a Healing Hotel), he is bringing his vision of living a sustainable life to a wider audience.
  • Meditation and yoga practices to increase body and mind wellbeing will be led by intuitive coach Velleda Dobrowolny and Sandeep Agarwalla, Head of Yoga at the Ananda in the Himalayas.

“Fifteen years ago, we founded Healing Hotels of the World with the vision to combine healing and hospitality, enabling travel guests to become whole in body, mind and soul. Since then, with 90+ partner hotels around the globe, we have been bringing this vision to life. We now play a leading part in bringing together a community dedicated to a holistic and conscious lifestyle in hospitality and beyond. The HEALING SUMMIT and its virtual formats are fruits of our heartfelt commitment for the betterment of the world. We are passionately dedicated to our mission now more than ever. The world needs healing”, says AnneBiging CEO and Co-Founder, Healing Hotels of the World and HEALING SUMMIT.“With the HEALING SUMMIT, we always aim to bring together visionaries to explore topical issues of our time. As the first and only global brand for healing hospitality, we strive to spread our message of advocating for a holistic lifestyle. Launching the Visionaries’ Table allows us to enter into a dialogue with inspiring speakers and attendees around the world. We want to explore the connection between healing and responsibility for the benefit of all and are truly happy with the support of our mission from our extraordinary speakers,” adds Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, CCO and Co-Founder, Healing Hotels of the World and HEALING SUMMITNew York media personality Valerie Smaldone will moderate and produce the event. Registration is open to everyone with the option to directly participate in the conversation.

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