When we dig deep into the true purpose of the HEALING SUMMIT we know one undeniable truth. It is to bring individuals with knowledge and compassion together to build a better environment for ourselves, for our communities, and most importantly for our kids.

When we speak about sustainability, it is from the heart of concern for future generations. What are we leaving behind for those who are just beginning in life, and for those who have yet to be born?

With these important thoughts and questions in mind, this year in Portugal, for the first time, we are incorporating voices of the young.

Meet Holly Carter, founder of the organization, BYKids, which empowers youth around the world through the incredible storytelling medium of film.

Holly is passionate about her organization:

“The first step in finding shared humanity is to walk a mile in someone’s shoes.
BYkids (https://bykids.org/) creates understanding through storytelling. Since 2007, we have empowered kids around the world to make films about immigration, bullying, juvenile justice, climate change, the impact of the internet and child marriage, and more.
Join us in conversation with young people around the pressing issues of our times and their inspired ideas for solutions.”

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, Holly will be leading a panel with several Portuguese school children (ages 8-14) to hear their concerns, provide them with a forum, and encourage them to ask critical questions.

This will be a moving and thrilling experience, as delegates and speakers will have the opportunity to hear from future scientists, entrepreneurs, healers, hoteliers, journalists, thought leaders and anything else these beautiful young people wish to be.

With less than a month away, now is the time to register for this life affirming HEALING SUMMIT.

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With great anticipation and gratitude,

Anne and Elisabeth