“You simply can’t be sweet in your personal life and be a shark in your business life”, said Catherine Parrish, leadership consultant and founder of NextLevelLeadership at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, “let’s stop this. It’s 2017. It’s time for a new way of doing business.”

It is an amazing phenomenon, as Sherry Amatenstein wrote in her article ”The Path to Breakthrough: Daring to rip of the Mask” in this news section, that in the business world it is so much about wearing masks. You might be yourself in your private life, but showing a mask of perfection, strength and mistrust is very common in business life. It is a fear induced behavior as we think we have to be conform with what we think is “the way to be”. I remember in school when we learned in our Latin lesson about the word “personality”. It comes from the ancient Greek theater where those whose voice could be heard through the mask they were wearing – per-sonare – were highly accomplishes performers. They had “personality”. Great personalities are those whose humanism shines through whatever they are doing.

We are able to be open and show who we are, be authentic and “ourselves”, when we have deep self-confidence. This does not mean a big ego, but self-acceptance now matter what. Then we can be our truest self in all circumstances of life. Sure it is a life long journey to find this place. But it’s worth it.

By Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier