Admitted, the headline was a cheap joke. But what about being able to heal like an Egyptian? We are not talking about modern medicine here but about ancient wisdom and techniques, basically healing as it was practiced in the golden age of the Pharaohs.

3500 years ago people from all over Egypt walked to the Temple of Sety I in order to get profound answers regarding their lives – The House of Life in Abydos, a wonderful Healing Hotel, lies at walking distance to this unique temple and has no smaller mission than to fulfill this function today! You can feel the mystic atmosphere, dive into a fascinating culture and immerse in the holistic, ancient approach on humanity, nature and the universe. It is the only place on this earth where you can take a seven-week course in Egyptian Healing or lean back during a holiday break to enjoy the health treatments that led Ramses II to vigorous 90 years of age. Practice Egyptian yoga, strengthen your body with herb cures, body massages or sound and sand healing.

You have never heard of sand healing? Don’t distress, this is your chance: the desert contains special minerals and unique healing energies at some places that reenergize and strengthen your body, mind and soul. It’s a quite intense treatment that will touch your inner core even though it doesn’t sound very dramatic: at the end of the day your body will be dug into the warm desert sand where you will lie for about an hour, surrounded by a team that is taking care of you while you sink into a state of meditation. Once the time is up you will be wrapped into blankets and served tea before you have a shower and rest. Dependent on the intensity and how you respond to the treatment the number of sessions varies between 5 and 9, with a break of a day after two treatments. But no matter how you decide to spend your time – studying to gain the knowledge and wisdom of an ancient Egyptian Healer or simply let loose and benefit from the treatments with your whole being – it is a healing experience you can’t have anywhere else.