We are not shy when it comes to promoting our mission or talking about our passion: holistic health. That’s why Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World, caused quite a whirl at the “Trail Blazers of Wellness Tourism” panel at the World Travel Market in London when she stated loud and proud: “We want to change the world – no less.” This is our aim. This is what Healing Hotels of the World is all about with every single member hotel at the forefront of making this world a better place – for all of us.

Here is what Elisabeth had to say: “Why do I think that the engagement with holistic health can change the world? Because holistic health or a holistic lifestyle carries deeper values than what we consider as important in the western world: success, money, recognition and constant economic growth. These values have lead to a society where stress, burn out and depression have become inflationary and where the world is dangerously exploited. The understanding of a holistic lifestyle brings us back to the point where we can find happiness within ourselves, without outer stimulus. It leads us to a connectedness within our own being, between our body, mind and soul. And it leads to a connectedness with everything around us: with other people, with nature, with the world. We learn to understand that we are responsible and have a constant choice for what we do with our body, our mind, our life – and how we treat our fellow human beings and the world. It encompasses our lives, social behavior, business practices and politics. That is why the holistic understanding can change the world – and it will happen.”