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Deep Self-Care

anne und elisabeth 2
Elisabeth Ixmeier and Anne Biging, Co-Founders of Healing Hotels of the World

As the founder of the global hospitality brand Healing Hotels of the World, I believed I was so deeply aware of what I needed to do to stay healthy, happy and strongly connected to my purpose. I was convinced that my daily yoga and meditation practice, my spiritual studies and my healthy diet would do the job. 
Last year, my body told me otherwise. I found myself constantly stressed-out. I had developed sleeping problems and a super sensitive stomach. It took a four-week retreat in contemplation, meditation and self-inquiry to get to the core and to discover that, in fact, I was not so aware of the real needs of Anne. Over the years, while building up our global brand, I thought I was super healthy. In reality, I had gone into autopilot in a way that was quite brutal to my body.

I somehow was in denial about the true needs of my body. I did not listen to its deep knowing and had unconsciously treated it as a machine, a body that must always be in good shape, on top of things, and looking fine. This is honestly not in alignment with my true purpose: to heal myself and to be of service to others. 

In one of my sessions with an osteopath, the practitioner asked me this question: “when did you last listen to your stomach?” I had no answer. So, I began to listen. The message was shocking. There was very little tenderness towards myself as a person in a human body. I found that I needed inner stillness, focus and awareness to truly feel my real needs. What a relief to know this! And what a great chance to find even deeper trust in the magic of that what we are made of.
I am sharing this with you because I suspect that many of us live a similar pattern. Yes, we take care of ourselves. Yes, we work with healers. Yes, we meditate and do yoga, but do we really deeply realize what our body and soul needs? 
As I move into a new decade of my life (version 7.0), I have decided to give myself the biggest gift a human being can give to oneself: my own deep caring love, compassion and awareness of myself. Self-care – in the true essence of the word. 
At this May’s HEALING SUMMIT, whose theme is “The Power of Right Action”, we will nourish ourselves and one another. We will join together with the mind of a novice, open to learning, providing the gift of shared knowledge and compassion. At this extraordinary gathering, we will encourage one another and see ourselves as an essential part of this beautiful community. Only then can we truly live our demanding professional lives, while providing essential self-care and self-love, allowing us all the ability to do good for the world. 
Welcome to an outstanding HEALING SUMMIT, which will open your heart, change your mind and rock your life!