HEALING SUMMIT 2020: Register Now!

Are you ready to spread your wings and sign up for an evolutionary event?

We would love to invite you to be with us when we open the doors to the 7th edition of the HEALING SUMMIT, which will again take place at the beautiful Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal’s Algarve coast May 18/19, 2020. As the founders of Healing Hotels of the World – the only global brand for healing hospitality – we created the HEALING SUMMIT because healing is so dear to our hearts.

At the HEALING SUMMIT in May this year, the momentum created by the delegates and speakers was so strong, it caused a ripple effect in many delegates’ personal and professional lives. Coming together with an open heart and an open mind, to share with each other, feel included, find solutions and rejoice in our successes, we have the possibility to feel and act in a way that initiates the change we want to see in the world.

Over the coming months you will see the list of speakers growing on our website.

If this feels good to you – join the Healing Community. And as the saying goes: onward in healing.

Please be aware that the capacity of the HEALING SUMMIT is limited and cannot hold more than 180 participants.

Plant your seed of healing today and sign up here to secure your place.


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