HEALING SUMMIT 2020: The Power of Right Action

The annual HEALING SUMMIT is set to take place from 18-19 May, 2020, at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Albufeira, Portugal on the beautiful Algarve coast. This year’s theme, ‘The Power of Right Action,’ aims to explore the age-old struggle between right and wrong, and the challenge of determining what are the most appropriate actions in the moment.

“Society has been struggling with the conundrum of how we know what is right and what is wrong forever,” says HEALING SUMMIT Co-Founder Anne Biging. “Every day on this earth, we walk a razor’s edge between the two, and we have to wonder: Are we mindful enough? Are we connected to our true heart? Are we aware of the consequences of our thoughts and actions? The HEALING SUMMIT aims to go beyond your typical business summit, and to bring people together to ‘cross-pollinate’ with like-minded people, to ask the tough questions, and to be inspired, uplifted, educated and reinvigorated.”

An initiative of the Healing Hotels of the World, the HEALING SUMMIT brings together individuals who are drawn to collaborate, raise awareness and inspire change. Socially conscious speakers from the fields of investment, science, healing modalities, mission-oriented organizations, and travel join together with delegates to create a gathering of global influencers committed to doing good. The two-day event will build on the momentum from last year’s HEALING SUMMIT, which saw 138 people from 28 countries gather to learn, connect and share their perspectives.

“We are all beginning to understand that there is one great global, even universal whole to which everything is related and integrated, and that we are in fact all one,” says Elisabeth Ixmeier, Co-Founder of the HEALING SUMMIT. “Each year, the HEALING SUMMIT empowers all who join us to act as ‘healing agents’, enabling us to embark upon self-care and care for others – and for the planet. Through the talks, workshops and interaction between all who attend, the HEALING SUMMIT emphasizes and illustrates that healing begins as an individual pursuit, which then naturally expands to include those people around us in our lives, in our community and in our world.”

The HEALING SUMMIT takes advantage of its stunning location on the Algarve Coast and the healing expertise of many in attendance, offering opportunities for daily cliffside yoga, sunrise ocean swimming, and chanting workshops.

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