HEALING SUMMIT 2020: Creating a Healing Momentum

We hope you can feel our deepest, heartfelt wishes for your good health and wellbeing and that of your loved ones at this extraordinary time. We are happy to report that our global HEALING SUMMIT team of facilitators, speakers and organizers are all doing well. For nearly 10 months we have worked tirelessly to do everything possible to ensure a safe and healing environment during what we know will be a watershed event. However, in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, and to ensure the safety of all participants, we have decided to postpone the HEALING SUMMIT 2020 to October 19-20.

This HEALING SUMMIT will be remarkable and, as everyone has been reminding us, great things happen when the healing community comes together at each HEALING SUMMIT.  Imagine how joyful it will be to connect with each other in person after this unprecedented human experience with a new world emerging. But for now, and where we are today, it’s important to acknowledge the fear and uncertainty that all of us have to deal with.

“We’ve been asked to really work on our fears and our limiting beliefs. Because we are doing that collectively, it is like we are creating the antidote off the fear and negativity.” Marina  Efraimoglou, owner of Euphoria Retreat, Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT

This process will change us. And as this changed persona we will come together at the HEALING SUMMIT 2020. Let’s meet and discuss. Let’s brainstorm and act. Let’s comfort and inspire each other.  And we will ask, how can we use this momentum of a worldwide dramatic change that was forced upon us to create a more just world that is healthy for everybody?

“For me it’s a very interesting time, because this is a full reboot and rebirth…. It’s time for everybody to figure out what you were put here on the planet for. What is your purpose, mission and value?”  Molly Melchin, Executive Director of the NGO Tostan, Senegal, Speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT

To be together in person will be so very special. Join us at the HEALING SUMMIT 2020 which will take place again at the magnificent Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal.

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With gratitude,

Anne, Elisabeth and the Team of Healing Hotels of the World