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Teacher at The Heart Retreat – Marta Hobbs

How often do you hear this phrase “go inward” and how often do you wonder just how, when, where and what does this look like?

For me, the heart provides the entry point – your sacred doorway to your inner experience of life.

I spent 39 years living mostly on the outside – looking for places, people, things to fulfill me on the inside. And while some did even for a while – it was never a lasting satisfaction. There would always come a time to go seeking the next adventure, almost like feeding the hungry ghost. There was no end to the chase and I called this “living.”

It was when life as I knew it ended – after a successful entrepreneurial journey resulted in my retirement before my 40th birthday, financially secure. Married, a mother of two children, a founder and COO for the 15 years prior – it was as if everything I had known myself to be in life suddenly dissolved. And what was left, rather who was left, was a total stranger – an exhausted but “successful” woman completely disconnected from her self, from her heart.

For decades I lived out of my head – planning, executing, analyzing, pursuing and achieving. This way of being served me well – I had achieved all of my dreams – however, it was also incomplete.

My soul came knocking one day in a violent panic attack on a Caribbean island during a family vacation. It was an invitation to the inner journey as I struggled with a sense of identity outside the roles I played for others. “Who was I?” – this question haunted me. “What am I doing here?” The answers could not be found in thinking, reasoning and logic, although I tirelessly tried looking there first. It was time to turn inward and explore the inner landscapes of myself. And the heart provided the way – she invited me to start feeling, to slow down, get quiet and very still – to simply BE.

It was in the silence, solitude and stillness I encountered that the answers came. The “more” to life, the joy, happiness, purpose, passion, direction and a sense of identity I was seeking – were all found inside – in me. Not somewhere out there…

Tapping into this truth gave me back all the power I was constantly giving away to others – by asking them to make me feel loved, needed, valued, seen and heard. When I finally started giving these things to myself, finding them already present under the noise of everyday life – that the quest finally could end.

I was the one I had been seeking.

And so are you – you are the answer to all of your life’s questions.

Join me during the Heart Retreat this November so I can share with you the practice I have developed which helps me to connect – to my heart, to my soul, and to the larger Divine force holding us all. This is who we all are at our core, this is our essence. Come to meet me there, in that quiet inward place, and see how that might change how you see things, how you see yourself, how you see all of life…

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you, guiding you through a SoulCare(TM) Meditation, and spending time healing in community brought together by the Healing Hotels. I hope to see you at the beautiful Boroughton Sanctuary.

From my heart to yours,

Marta Hobbs



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