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“What a phenomenal two days that was – I feel like I have taken a Quantum Leap personally and professionally. Incredible people, deep connections, heart stopping speakers and the hotel itself – wow! Time to step up and bring this energy out into the world for positive change.”


Hilda Kalap

Award winning leadership coach, spiritual teacher, healer and writer
“I feel so lifted, full of colours, through all the sparkles that have been given from all those fantastic speakers, and it was a great gift for me to be among them. It is the most precious and beautiful thing to feel connected, the power of having the same intention: being ourselves, being free without compromises. Share the Spirit, share love!”


Gaelle Georges

Yoga and meditation teacher
“I was so glad to be able to spend a day and listen to inspiring people and meet some old colleagues and new. You are galvanizing a great movement of like-minded people with soul and share vision, surely at the forefront of our industry. “


Sophie Benge

Journalist & Wellbeing Specialist
“Where can I even start? I know you both hear many accolades when you are at the Healing Summit, which I always love as you both deserve them wholeheartedly. But, I am not sure you even know how much you both and the Healing Summit impact the life journey for many. Let me go a step further, as I cannot begin to express how powerful your spirit of love and compassion, unites so many souls from all walks of life, to connect for a truly enchanting experience together. And ladies, that is ALL because of YOU. I know, many people never go through this “life experience” and identify their purpose, and the two of you have been fortunate enough to have captured this elusive blessing.”


Dr. Ken Redcross

Board-certified Internist, Health & Wellness Advocate, Best-Selling Author
“Firstly, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for creating such a wonderful space for like-minded people to get together. I felt at home. I felt like this is the future of the conversation we should be having individually and collectively to heal the world. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”


Patricija Miklusiene

Beauty, Wellness, SPA Expert Consultant
“Thank you all once again for such a special, insightful, inspirational, meaningful summit in the Algarve. Truly nothing else like it in the luxury travel/hospitality space. I particularly loved how you gathered interesting people across industry. And the group size was perfect! I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge / gleaning knowledge from parallel industries. “


Lila Fox

Owner of Lila Fox Travel Co, Travel Advisor
“The frequency and interconnectedness in between everyone was healing in itself. It felt as if drops of water came together to form a big ocean to spread light, with clear visions. We could all experience the power of collaboration and I noticed the integrity in combining everyone’s talents, expertise and missions into a higher purpose.”


Christelle Chopard

Founder DHARMI®Method
“We need a worldwide initiative for educating heart and mind in this modern age…Our children should grow up with the idea that dialogue, not violence, is the best and most practical way to solve conflicts. We must learn that humanity is one big family. We are all brothers and sisters: physically, mentally and emotionally. But we are still focusing far too much on our differences instead of our commonalities. After all, every one of us is born the same way and dies the same way.”


Holly Carter

Founder & Executive Director BYKids
“What an amazing Summit you created! As one who has “been on the inside,” I know how difficult this is to do and you all did it with heart, soul and true love. I’ve never been to a conference before that had such a warm feeling and exhibited healing in such a true way. Congratulations!”


Sallie Fraenkel

President at Mind Body Spirit Network
“First I’d like to thank you, Anne, and Elisabeth on delivering a “Quantum Leap”. You accomplished just that at my first healing summit: between the dynamic speakers, the engaging activities and the delicious attendees – it was truly memorable.”


Robert D. Henry

Founder and principal of RDH Architects