“What a phenomenal two days that was – I feel like I have taken a Quantum Leap personally and professionally. Incredible people, deep connections, heart-stopping speakers. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I was wholly inspired by my experience the Algarve last week. The theme of living in alignment with our authenticity reinforced my own ideas for living a meaning life.“
“Thank you so much for having offered me the opportunity to join the Healing Summit! It was truly amazing, a pure delight, a real big Quantum Leap all together! It was a true honor and a privilege to be part of it.“

“First I’d like to thank you, Anne, and Elisabeth on delivering a “Quantum Leap”. You accomplished just that at my first healing summit: between the dynamic speakers, the engaging activities and the delicious attendees – it was truly memorable.”

“What an amazing Summit you created! As one who has “been on the inside,” I know how difficult this is to do and you all did it with heart, soul and true love. I’ve never been to a conference before that had such a warm feeling and exhibited healing in such a true way. Congratulations!“

“The Healing Summit2019 in Portugal is an event I’ve been waiting for. The place, people and conversations that showed the way, confirmed the correctness of the path, and the most important thing: I am inspired.”

„The frequency and interconnectedness in between everyone was healing in itself. It felt as if drops of water came together to form a big ocean to spread light, with clear visions. We could all experience the power of collaboration and I noticed the integrity in combining everyone’s talents, expertise and missions into a higher purpose.“

„I was so glad to be able to spend a day and listen to inspiring people and meet some old colleagues and new. You are galvanizing a great movement of like-minded people with soul and share vision, surely at the forefront of our industry.“

„You grouped such an amazing crowd but more than that you have been able to help us all open and share and leave the Summit with so much inspiration and force.“
„HEALING SUMMIT is about all forms of healing, and in particular the spiritual side of it and how it can pervade and shape the world of hospitality.“

„It was a pleasure and honor to speak at the Healing Summit 2018. In its 5th year it continues to bring together beautiful and amazing souls who all stand and strive for a healing world – together as a one community.“

„What an inspired group of fellow speakers, pictured here from all corners of the globe, and all keen to impact the business of healing in truly meaningful ways.“

„Everything was perfect, the content, as well as the location and the facilitators.“

„Honored to be among such an amazing group of beautiful, inspirational women dedicated to healing, consciousness and global transformation.“

“Beautifully organized, wonderful group of speakers. I am so looking forward to the future of this whole movement and enjoying today to the most.”

„What a triumph the 2018 summit has been. Thank you so much for allowing me to partake of it.“

„Thank you for the organization of the great event! Two days is not enough!“

„I appreciate the opportunity to speak and meet with wonderful people.“

„Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing so many wonderful people into one room to commit to healing. It continues to inspire me to move our medical practice more into prevention and wellness and less about just treating disease. I see even more clearly the path I want to take.“
„The selection of speakers and panelists were exceptional and particularly for me Dr. Kjell A. Nordstrom, who I could have listened to all day and of course Dr. Edith Eva Eger – such an inspiration and her wisdom touched me very personally. I look forward to attending your events in the future.“
„I want to express my deepest gratitude for organizing such a heart-centered event as the HEALING SUMMIT. I have enjoyed every minute of it. It was wonderful to connect with so many like-minded people, and get inspired by each of the speakers.“
„I cannot begin to explain how amazing it was to be at HEALING SUMMIT. I have so many ideas and great contacts too.“
„I am still feeling so good and reflective in so many energizing ways from the HEALING SUMMIT. I’ve had some great email follow-up and a delightful call.“
„I loved connecting with inspiring people and take in all the insights, inspirations and aspirations for the future. I am looking forward to next year already!“
„Thank you for rekindling my passions and introducing us to new and exciting family.“
“Congratulations on a wonderful event! I had such a fantastic time.”
„Each speaker brought amazing energy to the day and made it a great success.“

„I would like to give a warm thank you. The HEALING SUMMIT was very inspiring, well organized and gave us many new interesting contacts.“

„Nina and I felt honest love at the summit. We still talk about our impressions and the unbelievable and interesting people we met.“
„We thoroughly enjoyed the range and quality of speakers you had assembled. It was fantastic to be able to talk to some of these inspiring people during the breaks. There were so many profound messages from the talks that will remain with us. It’s given us plenty to consider in terms of how we can best align our personal and professional missions. For this we are most grateful.“
„I have spent two amazing days in Berlin and want to thank you for the organization, the positive energy, the great exchanges, smiling faces and relevant topics developed during workshops. I honestly came back home with good resolutions for my personal life and a big and continuous reflection on how to do ‘good’ for the others and an enormous healing spirit.“
„Thank you so much for inspiring me to join you and the formidable, phenomenal crew of people in Berlin for the HEALING SUMMIT. I am still in the afterglow, and making contact with the magnificent souls who were there. I look forward to many future meetings with you.“
„What an AMAZING summit. It was so beautifully crafted. We take our hats off for you guys! It was an excellent program and most of all, with lovely and amazing people. Sam and I had a really moving and wonderful time and so did everyone else we talked to. We have come back warm and fuzzy and truly inspired.“
„Those two days at the HEALING SUMMIT have enriched me. I was still so enthusiastic days after that I told many people at the ITB about this wonderful event. I am happy that I could carry some of the inspiration beyond the gates of Hotel de Rome.“
„Thank you for this great event with inspiring people and enriching contributions. There should be more of these. That would make a lot of things in the world easier and much better.”
„The content, the mood, but especially the people, both speakers and participants, have deeply touched me, and much of what I heard and felt echoes in one form or another almost daily. I have deep respect for your passion regarding the SUMMIT, which can be felt every moment.“
„What a triumph the third HEALING SUMMIT was, congratulations to you all, the gathering, people, messages and take-aways just get better and better! It was a privilege and an honor to be there amongst like minds and kindred spirits, thank you so much for including me.“
„The HEALING SUMMIT was a whole new experience with very interesting people and talks. It was nice to exchange with hoteliers, spa owners and other extraordinary personalities and to connect. And it is great that that there are so many people who are concerned about sustainability and social issues, people who are not only profit-orientated.“