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Anne Biging

Speciality: Founder and CEO Healing Hotels of the World

Anne Biging is the visionary and CEO of Healing Hotels of the World, a unique hospitality brand that features the most exclusive and authentic hotels and resorts in the field of holistic healing, enabling guests to find their way back to the true values of life and to live from their hearts. Pioneering social change and human development, she is also a co-founder of the HEALING SUMMIT, an annual conference for like-minded individuals to collaborate, raise awareness and inspire change for the better.

Healing Hotels of the World is a member association uniting nearly 100 hotels under its umbrella. These properties, referred to as “peace points”, are in 36 countries on five continents. They all enable their guests to live a healthier and happier life.

Before founding Healing Hotels of the World, Anne put her heart and mind into international tourism destination marketing, public relations, and hotel consulting. Due to her many years of travelling as a journalist and author, she recognized the need for places that provide the space to relax, learn, recharge, and help individuals get back in touch with their natural selves.

Anne, a global leader in hospitality, consulting healing hotel projects worldwide, is a sought-after speaker at international conferences. Recent speaking engagements include global conferences in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and New York City. For her dedication to positive change, she was awarded “Woman of the Decade” at the Woman Economic Forum in India 2019.

As a lifelong seeker and philosopher, Anne’s mission is to inspire positive change on a personal, professional, and social level.
“My passion is to bring heart and soul to hospitality, business, and personal lives, and to inspire positive change. To do so, we need to go on a healing journey ourselves. Only then will our impact bear fruit and ultimately serve the betterment of the world.”

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