Vanessa Paige

Speciality: Transformational Whole Life Coach

Vanessa is a Transformational Whole Life Coach/Mentor based in Cape Town. She works with individuals, corporates and couples. She has been an advisor and mentor since 1992 and has worked with many multinationals and individuals in South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, USA, Italy, Russia and Spain. Vanessa’s background is in IT and Educational systems.

In her current work, she assists clients to experience themselves in a more open and empowered way by getting to understand and maximise their strengths and to use their weaknesses as building blocks to design a life they can love. A life which is more connected and fulfilling. She runs group workshops and masterminds as well as doing one-on-one sessions. Vanessa is also a Metaphysical Healer and Intuitive and she uses those skills to help clients fully understand their internal motivations and how to use their whole journey to propel themselves into greater manifestation.

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