We Will Come Together Again

Last year, at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, we came together as hoteliers, investors, health practitioners, yogis, healers, business owners, award – winning social entrepreneurs, global leaders of successful NGO’s, mothers and daughters. We relaxed our minds, we opened our hearts, we connected and shared knowledge from around the world. We laughed, danced, meditated, and carefully [...]

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Remembering The Quantum Leap

For those of us who attended the HEALING SUMMIT last May, you surely remember the astonishing feeling you experienced; that of leaping into a new era of ourselves and our communities. It took a lot of courage! Remember how cold the ocean was?  Many of us jumped into the bracing sea at 6:15 in the morning, [...]

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Creating a Healing Momentum

Hurry hurry hurry (fast fast fast) (next next next) was the mantra ringing in our ears during our last stay in New York City. While we truly love New York and adore our friends and partners there, I wonder if this fast-paced attitude that we seem to find all over the world is connected with [...]

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Everybody Has a Story

At our annual HEALING SUMMIT, it is amazing and inspiring to hear the stories of the speakers and delegates and to understand why healing has become their mission. It’s true that everybody does have a story.Over the years, some of the stories of our speakers have included the desire to change the world for the better from an [...]

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Deep Self-Care

As the founder of the global hospitality brand Healing Hotels of the World, I believed I was so deeply aware of what I needed to do to stay healthy, happy and strongly connected to my purpose. I was convinced that my daily yoga and meditation practice, my spiritual studies and my healthy diet would do [...]

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The Power of Right Action

How do we know what is right and what is wrong? Society has been struggling with this conundrum forever. It is true that every day on this earth we walk on the razor’s edge between the two. That begs the questions: are we acting mindful enough? Are we connected to our true heart? Are we [...]

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HEALING SUMMIT podcast featuring Barry B. Scherr

In this HEALING SUMMIT podcast, host Valerie Smaldone introduces a speech given by Barry B. Scherr, author, speaker, investor,  at HEALING SUMMIT 2019. Barry B. Scherr is a commercial real estate investor, author, and speaker on human potential and the redefinition of community and the built environment. He is a certified teacher of the Transcendental [...]

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HEALING SUMMIT podcast featuring Heidi Kuhn, CEO, Roots of Peace

In this HEALING SUMMIT podcast, host Valerie Smaldone introduces a speech given by Heidi Kuhn, founder of Roots of Peace, at HEALING SUMMIT 2019. Heidi was one of numerous speakers and experts who appeared at the summit in Albufeira, Portugal. Heidi Kuhn founded Roots of Peace in 1997, and has dedicated over 20 years to planting [...]

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Change The World or Change Yourself?

Here is a question that has the wise arguing: “Change the world or change yourself?” The materialists deride the “spiritual mindfulness brigade” for closing itself off to meditate when the world is burning – going extinct even. And the brigade counters (they are normally not the ones to start the argument) that nothing is permanent and that change starts from within. [...]

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The Healing Power of Community

What a great chance we have NOW to re-align with that which makes us human – an open conscious heart and mind - awake, filled with compassion and set to supporting others. The way we live in our world today, which is dictated by super-fast communication, snapshots of life distilled down to thumbnails on social [...]

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