The Healing Power of Community

What a great chance we have NOW to re-align with that which makes us human – an open conscious heart and mind - awake, filled with compassion and set to supporting others. The way we live in our world today, which is dictated by super-fast communication, snapshots of life distilled down to thumbnails on social [...]

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Meditation on a New Way of Doing Business

We all speak about the necessity of change: changing ourselves, changing our eating habits, changing how we treat nature and the planet. However, there is another very tricky aspect of change that we should not omit and for which we do not yet have a clear perspective: The change of our attitude towards money and [...]

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Reshaping our Values

In recent weeks, we have watched an unprecedented movement unfold, with impassioned children and teenagers taking to the streets, expressing their deep concerns for their future. They have been doing it as only young people can - with honesty, purity and straight from the heart. These bright and innocent beings are asking us to wake [...]

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The day after the HEALING SUMMIT ended and many of the participants had left, we sat with a group of friends in the lap of the stunning red rocks at the Pine Cliffs Resort, trying to come to grips with what had just happened.  The Quantum Leap, which was our intention for the HEALING SUMMIT, [...]

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An Awakened Life

Living an awakened life, based on the understanding of the holistic healing of body, mind and soul, we ask ourselves: what does it take to integrate these precious principles and values into our lives in our society, our professions and our businesses? Certainly it takes a lot of courage and stamina to stand up against [...]

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At the upcoming HEALING SUMMIT, May 6 and 7 in Portugal, while we will be focused on taking a quantum leap into new business models, exciting collaborations and building a community of relationships, at the core, we will assemble together to continue the evolution of healing. Why do we talk about this one word that [...]

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Voices of the Future

When we dig deep into the true purpose of the HEALING SUMMIT we know one undeniable truth. It is to bring individuals with knowledge and compassion together to build a better environment for ourselves, for our communities, and most importantly for our kids. When we speak about sustainability, it is from the heart of concern [...]

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Join the Healing World

SPIRITUAL   •  SUSTAINABLE   •  PURPOSEFUL   •    GIVING BACK Imagine you are spending two days with a group of the most radiant, interesting, dynamic and heart-centered people from all cultures, ages and professional backgrounds in a beautiful resort at the edge of Europe. You are with people sharing similar values and interests, who will support and inspire one another, [...]

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Vulnerability Can Transform Your Business

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in our “personal” relationships, let alone our business relationships. Vulnerability is a topic most people are uncomfortable with because showing vulnerability has been associated with shame or failure. Having founded Wellness for Cancer, a charity to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer, Julie Bach [...]

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Open your heart – and jump!

Two weeks ago we spent a few days in Portugal to check out the site for our extraordinary HEALING SUMMIT in May. Would you like to get a taste of what we discovered and experienced? If so, please keep on reading and follow our journey. Monday morning, sunrise at 7 AM, we are feeling a [...]

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