A Deeper Sense of Belonging

How beautiful it is that all of us who are looking to find a deeper belonging to people and things will soon have the opportunity to come together again to enjoy each other’s company and to learn from one another! Most of us are so keenly aware of a huge shift that is taking place [...]

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Freedom, Peace, Prosperity and Happiness

“May the entire world benefit from the mighty task of freedom, peace, prosperity and happiness." His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama As we move into the New Year and into our future, we want to continue to believe in the goodness of the world. We want to believe that the driving force for change is [...]

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Almost a Fairytale – The Life of a Courageous Woman

We would like to share a magical experience with you: We are sitting at the kitchen table in Shruti Poddar's Haveli in a desert town, Ramgarh Shekhawati, deep in rural Rajasthan. It is a cool December morning and the sun has just risen above the roofs of the ancient Havelies (Heritage Villas) of Ramgarh. The city is old. Really old. From [...]

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Together For a Bright Purposeful Future

Let me beginn by telling you a story: Once upon a time, a mountain climber was happily crossing over steep hills in the Himalayas. Suddenly, he slipped and stumbled over the edge of the rugged path. There was nothing below him and he was surely going to fall into the vast abyss. Miraculously, he managed [...]

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The Unfathomable Wealth of Healing

How can we measure the true richness that comes from a healing experience?  How can we honor our desire to care for others, or build a business based on social justice, or create a fresh and innovative blueprint for a global economic system? At the HEALING SUMMIT 2019 we will deeply explore these questions… and ask even [...]

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HEALING SUMMIT: Take a Quantum Leap

We'd love to invite you on a brief virtual journey to the Algarve in Portugal; the location of the HEALING SUMMIT 2019. Before we go, please allow us to pose a personal question: Do you believe that humanity can take a Quantum Leap and create a new reality, which brings positive change for all of [...]

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Let’s Keep the Healing Momentum Growing…

It’s been just a couple of months since the HEALING SUMMIT 2018, and we continue to feel the energy, spark and connectedness that was generated during the extraordinary two days that we all experienced in Berlin. We really want to keep the conversation going and growing and to build our HEALING SUMMIT community so that [...]

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Moving Towards a Truly Soulful Economy

Investments and power often remain in the wrong hands, whereas good businesses have increasingly become a synonym for charity. Why do industries that really improve people’s lives have to struggle with gaining their well-deserved rewards in the economy while the oil industry makes millions? The HEALING SUMMIT 2018 in Berlin was a great event to [...]

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Wake up: It’s 2018!

“You simply can’t be sweet in your personal life and be a shark in your business life”, said Catherine Parrish, leadership consultant and founder of NextLevelLeadership at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017, “let’s stop this. It’s 2017. It’s time for a new way of doing business.” It is an amazing phenomenon, as Sherry Amatenstein wrote in [...]

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Transformation – The New Wellness Industry

When going on a wellness vacation, what is it a customer is looking for? Is it just the usual pampering in a luxury retreat as far away as possible from the hectic lifestyles or are they ready for a holiday that is more profound and meaningful? A lot of guests have reached the next phase [...]

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