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David Behrens will inspire us at the HEALING SUMMIT 2022

“Each day relax into your own natural breathing, and you will be able to witness and enjoy the world around you, however tumultuous it appears.” - David Behrens

What a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and experience inner and outer transformation at the HEALING SUMMIT 2022

This transformation will give us the balance and strength to be of true service to humanity and facilitate the necessary change. An unprecedented global gathering of extraordinary healers and professionals from all walks of life will support insights into a deeper understanding of humanity.

David Behrens, stepped in a lifelong practice of meditation, teaches his numerous clients how to therapeutically utilize the breath to shift us away from conflict to achieve inner peace, offers these beautiful words and a very brief breathing practice. 

Enjoy the breathing exercise with David.

David is one of the treasured speakers and healers who will be with us at the upcoming very special HEALING SUMMIT in Portugal. He will lead us, inspire us, and help to make each of us whole during a challenging time.

We know you will find this much needed gathering transformational, empowering and uplifting.

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