We Have Entered The Age of Healing – New Speakers Announced

We would love to introduce to you a woman whose new approach to holistic entrepreneurship is simply startling. Here is Vanessa Paige for you:

“The theme of this year’s HEALING SUMMIT is The Healing of Everything. This is more timely than we can imagine. The healing of everything is what the planet needs most at this time. It’s time to envision healing for every single occupant of the planet. Not only is every individual in need of healing, each person is also an instrument of healing. And each business as well.

Since healing is an inside-out process, what if we could realize that by healing what ails each of us, the entire world can be healed by extension? We are each a gift and a contribution to the world, so the gift and contribution of each one is needed to achieve the goal of a whole and healthy planet.

Since the inner world expresses the outer, the sooner we can restore the inner as it was designed, the quicker all the occupants of the planet can come to rights. By our attitudes, we create the norms of the world.

The healing of everything… begins with us. Will you commit to joining this movement?“

Meet our new confirmed speakers:

jayakader healingsummit2022

Jaya Kader

Jaya Kader is the founder and principal of KZ Architecture, a Miami-based full services design studio committed to design excellence and sustainable building practices. In 2018, her team was one of the winners of The Resilient Home Challenge, a competition sponsored by the World Bank and the United Nations Habitat for a Better Urban Future. Jaya’s latest initiative “Regen Design Lab” services regenerative projects in her native Costa Rica, Miami and worldwide.

Velleda Dobrowolny

Velleda is an intuitive life coach and book author, with a background of yoga studies and practical application of ancient knowledge in daily life. Using a focus on mind & body awareness and personal intention, Velleda helps people to recognize and overcome inner and outer obstacles to their happiness in their personal and professional lives. She is also a renowned meditation teacher, travelling regularly to India for studying and teaching. Her sessions on mindfulness meditation support people to draw strength and wisdom from within, taking the mind to the heart. 

vanessa paige

Vanessa Paige

Vanessa is a Transformational Whole Life Coach/Mentor based in Cape Town. She works with individuals, corporates and couples. She has been an advisor and mentor since 1992 and has worked with many multinationals and individuals in South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, USA, Italy, Russia and Spain. Vanessa’s background is in IT and Educational systems. In her current work, she assists clients to experience themselves in a more open and empowered way by getting to understand and maximize their strengths and to use their weaknesses as building blocks to design a life they can love.

davidbehrens healingsumit2022

David Behrens

As a former monk with 27 years of practice, service and reflection in an Eastern spiritual monastic community, David is a uniquely qualified mentor, guide and teacher. For more than a decade he has been collaborating with psychotherapists, psychiatrists and functional medicine practitioners to combine the wisdom of ancient Eastern spiritual traditions with the strengths of modern therapeutic clinical practice. He loves the synergy that happens when the ancient fundamentals of yoga (specifically breathwork, mindfulness and meditation) come together with the contemporary science of the nervous system. 

We are looking forward to create positive change with you at the HEALING SUMMIT 2022.