Travel! It’s Like Going To Church…

I've been fortunate enough to be in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama twice in my life and hopefully will have the opportunity again. When lucky enough to share the same space with one who has reached such a level of permanent peace and enlightenment, you stand at attention and hope that even [...]

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Irresistible: Soulful Economy

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, illustrates that a soulful economy, one of the key topics of the HEALING SUMMIT, is not a futuristic dream, as doing well by doing good is already happening! “We are seeing more companies step up their conversion to a more responsible business model”, said Polman in an interview with [...]

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Article: Organic Spa Magazine

It's been a good month since the HEALING SUMMIT 2016 - COMMITTED TO HEALING took place in Berlin. Articles keep coming in... here is the one the Organic Spa Magazine... "Last month, international leaders from a diverse range of business backgrounds gathered together in Berlin, Germany, for the third annual HEALING SUMMIT - COMMITTED TO [...]

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European Spa Magazine Gives You a SUMMIT-Update

You missed the HEALING SUMMIT 2016? The article in the European Spa Magazine fills you in: Now in its third year, the Healing Summit has gained a reputation as a future-thinking business conference with a global view on the changing values of holistic living and wellness practices. Orgainised by Healing Hotels of the World founders [...]

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Sam Gowing on: The Age of Vulnerability

Previously, when I was 49, the prospect of turning 50 was simply another excuse for a good time. Now don’t get me wrong, it sure has been that. Opening with a visit to the Great Southern region of Western Australia to cook a long table lunch for 40 new best friends, followed by one helluva [...]

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Global Identity: Who Is the New Us?

Dear friends, I'm just back from the HEALING SUMMIT in Berlin, Germany. This very special event brought together over 120 professionals from 27 countries to debate, discuss and learn from our collective wisdom of healing body, mind and soul and our interconnectedness with the world around us. I had the privilege of moderating one of [...]

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The Awakening of a Scientific Mind

“Our movements, our awareness and our consciousness are all only the product of the activity of neurons in our brain.” Is that so? Dr. Marjorie Woollacott thought so, describing herself as a “curious sceptic” when her sister invited her to a meditation retreat. Imagine her surprise when the purely material thinker and neuroscientist, teaching at [...]

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The Business Drivers of the Future

FROM THINKING AND DOING TO ALLOWING AND BEING Some years ago, if anybody had asked me for my opinion on the above question, I would have shaken my head and walked straight on; not even given it a further thought. Fast forward a few years .... Lots of interesting and exciting things have happened, amongst [...]

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Haiti: Donna Karan encourages soulful economy

We all know Donna Karan is a fantastic designer, but what most don’t know: she is also a gracious, humble, energetic woman who cares for what’s going on the world, trying to make our planet a bit better, a bit more peaceful, and a bit fairer. Following the motto 'less talk, more action' the New [...]

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Pope Francis Preaches From the Core of Goodness

Has the Vatican read our SUMMIT agenda? It seems like Pope Francis has taken up the topic of Global Identity during his visit to Mexico. He not only asked for forgiveness in regards to the century long oppression and defiance of the indigenous Mexican culture and language but also acknowledged the people’s ability to live [...]

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