Voices of the Future

When we dig deep into the true purpose of the HEALING SUMMIT we know one undeniable truth. It is to bring individuals with knowledge and compassion together to build a better environment for ourselves, for our communities, and most importantly for our kids. When we speak about sustainability, it is from the heart of concern [...]

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Join the Healing World

SPIRITUAL   •  SUSTAINABLE   •  PURPOSEFUL   •    GIVING BACK Imagine you are spending two days with a group of the most radiant, interesting, dynamic and heart-centered people from all cultures, ages and professional backgrounds in a beautiful resort at the edge of Europe. You are with people sharing similar values and interests, who will support and inspire one another, [...]

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Vulnerability Can Transform Your Business

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in our “personal” relationships, let alone our business relationships. Vulnerability is a topic most people are uncomfortable with because showing vulnerability has been associated with shame or failure. Having founded Wellness for Cancer, a charity to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer, Julie Bach [...]

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Open your heart – and jump!

Two weeks ago we spent a few days in Portugal to check out the site for our extraordinary HEALING SUMMIT in May. Would you like to get a taste of what we discovered and experienced? If so, please keep on reading and follow our journey. Monday morning, sunrise at 7 AM, we are feeling a [...]

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Lessons From Nature Urge us to Take a Quantum Leap

Have you ever noticed anything in nature being stressed out or nervous? Have you experienced the ocean coming in slower because it had a „bad“ day? Are trees greener when they fall in love? Is the moon ever late or the sun „burned out“? Nature is our prime example for how to live with adversity, [...]

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A Moment of Healing

Today we have a beautiful treat for you. We invite you to enjoy a healing moment through the power of meditation that was given to the delegates of the HEALING SUMMIT 2017 by neuroscientist and longterm meditation practitioner Dr. Marjorie Woollacott. Meditation goes beyond our intellectual understanding and enables us to find a deeper connection to [...]

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The Money Shift

When I was building up my business many years ago, my relation with money was complicated. I did not know how to combine my deep inner commitment to create a business, focused on healing and transformation and based on high ethical standards, with the practicality of making it viable. My understanding of the expansive nature of [...]

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The Ultimate Goal

In many of the ancient scriptures it is said: "In human life, there is the ultimate goal and the immediate purpose.“ Calling upon this wisdom, we must ask ourselves, “how do we identify and approach the immediate purpose and what is the ultimate goal for humanity?” If we all agree that the ultimate goal is [...]

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Roots of Peace

We all love to travel. And we enjoy discovering new regions and unspoiled places, like beautiful Croatia and Vietnam. While relatively new on the world travel map, today they are thriving travel destinations. And both are now known for offering holistic healing retreats. What a miracle! When you walk these lands today in peace and [...]

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A Deeper Sense of Belonging

How beautiful it is that all of us who are looking to find a deeper belonging to people and things will soon have the opportunity to come together again to enjoy each other’s company and to learn from one another! Most of us are so keenly aware of a huge shift that is taking place [...]

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