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Dissolving Stressful Situations through Meditation

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Scientific research with small children shows that we are born with innate basic goodness (Woollacott “Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind“)Growing up we erect barriers in an effort to protect ourselves from scarcity and suffering.

“But science shows us,” said Dr. Marjorie Woollacott, emerita professor of neuroscience at the University of Oregon at the HEALING SUMMIT 2017“that these same barriers, which we think protect us, are in themselves a source of suffering and keep us from both experiencing expanded awareness and expressing compassion.”

We all experience again and again moments were we are disconnected from other people; where we feel uncomfortable due to disharmony, disagreement and conflict in our personal and business life.

She continues: ”I believe that quieting our mind through meditation is a key answer for this reason: It increases the experience of interconnectedness with everyone and everything around us, because by quieting our mind we find back to our heart and interconnectedness. (….) In this way we positively influence our brain structure and function. And this, in turn, leads to an increased capacity for compassion and for actions by which we can heal ourselves and the planet.”

In the following audio sequence from the HEALING SUMMIT 2017 Marjorie leads us to interconnectedness and compassion through a wonderful focusing and meditation technique. >>Click here<<