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Everybody has a Story

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At our annual HEALING SUMMIT, it is amazing and inspiring to hear the stories of the speakers and delegates and to understand why healing has become their mission. It’s true that everybody does have a story.

Over the years, some of the stories of our speakers have included the desire to change the world for the better from an early age. Sarah Collins from South Africa, the founder of the slow cooking device Wonderbag, was one of those. Born into a patriarchal society, only Zulu grandmothers provided Sarah with love and comfort. From this experience, Sarah knew that she wanted to change the devastating separatist and capitalistic system of South Africa, first by becoming a “freedom fighter” (or as she calls it a “peace fighter”) and then by improving the economic circumstances of the native African women by creating the Wonderbag. See the story of the Wonderbag here.

Other speakers have shared that their healing journey was sparked by a life-threatening medical condition or circumstance.

Marina Efraimoglou, once a high-powered banker in Greece (she was even named „Business Person of the Year” in 2000 in Greece) was forced to discover what she calls her “ying side” and the “healer in her” when a cancer diagnosis with a chillingly low survival rate became her reality. After stepping back from her stressful career, Marina visited a hotel focused on healing and transformation where she found her vocation to create her own healing hotel in her home country. Marina realized she wanted to implement her vast knowledge of healing and share with others what she had experienced herself. After many years of research and development, Marina opened “Euphoria” on the Peloponnese in 2018, starting a new success story. See her story here.

These are just two of the many incredible stories that have been told at each HEALING SUMMIT.

At the HEALING SUMMIT 2020 you will once again be inspired by the determination, courage and passion of our fellow delegates, each one with a story about making change for the good personally and professionally. 

We are certain that you will leave recharged, excited and ready to take on the challenges of our world, contributing your part to make a change for the better.

With great anticipation,

Anne and Elisabeth