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HEALING SUMMIT 2019: Remembering The Quantum Leap

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For those of us who attended the HEALING SUMMIT last May, you surely remember the astonishing feeling you experienced; that of leaping into a new era of ourselves and our communities.

It took a lot of courage! Remember how cold the ocean was? Many of us jumped into the bracing sea at 6:15 in the morning, and upon emerging, felt completely renewed.

It took bravery to open our hearts and receive the messages that were given, and to share stories with one another that sometimes shook us to the core.

In his talk at the Healing Summit 2019, “THE PATH OF THE HEART: Merlin’s memory, Ariadne’s thread, and creating the future NOW”, Adam Rockefeller spoke about the creation of reality and that, when we are aligned with our hearts, all is well. Please listen to Adam here!

Today, we are living in a new reality. I dare to admit that I am actually super-excited… and yet super scared at the same time. Here we are at the forefront. That which we have been calling forth for many years. Perhaps we can trust that all of this is happening for a bigger reason. Have we not felt that the old path we were collectively on was so unhealthy that 3 out 5 of us were depressed, burned out, and deeply challenged because of our lifestyle? It appears that this is the global healing wake up call we have all been waiting for.

This is a time for us all to be more serene. To honor Mother Earth. And to honor each other. This sort of gentleness is what’s happening around the world, and it truly excites me.

However, I cannot dismiss the challenging financial implications which will affect us globally. I do have great concern for the families we care for and for the friends and loved ones we want to see happy and healthy.

We at the Healing Hotels of the World team here in Cologne are working from our respective home offices. Occasionally, Elisabeth and I go to our „outside office“ to water the plants on the terrace. Other than that, we take our yoga class online together with the team and our teacher. We meditate in the morning together online. We are hoping that this situation will bring out the best in all of us.

And we are very hopeful that we will see you at our next HEALING SUMMIT in Portugal. You will hear from us on March 24 about the status of the Summit and the date it will take place.For further information about the HEALING SUMMIT please visit our website.

Sending a huge, protective, warm healing hug from Cologne.

Anne and Elisabeth