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HEALING SUMMIT Podcast featuring Heidi Kuhn

During her powerful speech at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019, Heidi Kuhn talked about the story behind her organisation Roots of Peace, which is dedicated to peace by replacing mines with vines.

In this HEALING SUMMIT podcast, host Valerie Smaldone introduces a speech given by Heidi Kuhn, founder of Roots of Peace, at the HEALING SUMMIT 2019. Heidi was one of numerous speakers and experts who appeared at the summit in Albufeira, Portugal.

Heidi Kuhn founded Roots of Peace in 1997, and has dedicated over 20 years to planting peace around the world, replacing landmines with vines. She envisions the grapevines as a symbol of hope as well as a reminder that as global citizens we have something in common. Roots of Peace believes in the power of transformation.