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Reshaping our Values


In recent weeks, we have watched an unprecedented movement unfold, with impassioned children and teenagers taking to the streets, expressing their deep concerns for their future. They have been doing it as only young people can – with honesty, purity and straight from the heart. These bright and innocent beings are asking us to wake up now and stop destroying the very earth that we are living on.

It is their future and it is also our future that is at stake. How can it be that we went so far astray?

What happened to our values, virtues and the promises we made to ourselves and others? How did we, as a magnificent human family of 7.5 billion, get into this mess? Are we as a society not meant to be mindful and always striving for the better? Where did we miss out?

What happened? Our values went off course, upsetting humanity’s balance as we shifted our focus from the awareness of our innermost richness and worth to the monetary wealth. Remembering that, what truly gives us ownership of our harmonious state of being and the warm sensation of peace and contentment, is inside of us. Always within reach.

And there is no time to waste!

As these precious young people are showing us, and brilliant scientists are warning us, we must look at our skewed ethics, and reshape our value system, for the sake of the planet and future generations. The climate crisis is only one example of the outcome of lopsided values.

When we convene again for the 7th annual HEALING SUMMIT 2020 in Portugal, let’s put our hearts and minds together to creatively face the improper value system that causes so much discord in the world. Along with discussion and workshops, we will once again incorporate healing practices as well as joyful and playful activities. And of course, we will have the beautiful opportunity to strengthen the bonds within our growing community.