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The Awakening of the Scientific Mind

Foto: Markus Nass / www.markusnass.de

Our consciousness is much more than we think it is. The effects of meditation on our brain are extraordinary. Listen to the fascinating findings of a neuroscientist here. 

“Our movements, our awareness and our consciousness are all only the product of the activity of neurons in our brain.” 

Is that so? 

Dr. Marjorie Woollacott thought so, describing herself as a “curious sceptic” when her sister invited her to a meditation retreat. Imagine her surprise when the purely material thinker and neuroscientist, teaching at the University of Oregon, made a life changing experience, having a huge awakening during one of her meditations. These new insights marked the start into a whole new direction of research, exploring if there is a consciousness of the mind that doesn’t depend on the chemistry of our body or our living shell in general. 

What did she find out? Listen in to this witty INTERVIEW with New York radio and media personality Valerie Smaldone who sat down with Marjorie in Berlin.